Kabbalah Insights

Kabbalah Insights
presents unique products for self guidance according to the secrets of the Kabbalah.
The Kabbalistic elements combined with the visionary art of Orna Ben-Shoshan offer powerful self-exploration metaphysical tools.
Similar to a session with a skillful psychic counselor, you can use them for yourself, open the gates to your own inner wisdom, and receive answers to your most pressing questions.

The Inner Wizard Cards
message cards from your higher-self:
Set-3D copy
Use them as your soul mates for daily empowerment, advice and direction and gain new insights about your life’s path.

"Kabbalah Insights" is a virtual store.
If we had a "physical" store, it would probably look like this...

Save money when buying a combination of different leading products and receive valuable bonus gifts!


The Kabbalistic Guidance and Divination System

is a free interactive divination tool that can be used whenever you seek guidance and need a quick answer to a question. It is a wonderful method of connecting your internal knowledge with the eternal wisdom. The 42 letter combinations in the matrix are taken from the Kabbalistic sacred "72 Names of God".

You already have all the answers you will ever need in order to solve your problems and forecast the outcomes.
All you need is a good divination tool will help you connect with the source of your internal wisdom and retrieve the right answers from that source.

Cosmic Jewelry
in the spirit of the Kabbalah


Energetic Jewelry 

A magical world of original handmade jewelry gemstone, Swarovski, pearls and more by the designer Libby Fadlon

Dear Orna Ben-Shoshan,
I'm writing to thank you for the wonderful Kabbala Insights cards and tokens. I have purchased all of your Oracle tools and find every one of them to be incredibly powerful and inspirational. I also love your artwork immensely.
<Best wishes -  Barry

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Unique products for self guidance
according to the secrets of the Kabbalah

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