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My state-side friend, Sheila Van Houten, offers you expert palm reading, career-and-life coaching, and dating/relationship consulting by phone, email, and Skype. Sheila is also a noteworthy abstract
artist. View her work at WWW.DiscoveryArt.Info and

Sterling Silver 925 And Gold Jewelry Boutique -

Shop for Quality Handcrafted Sterling Silver 925 And Gold Jewelry With Gemstones At Great Prices.

All Kabbalah And Hebrew Sterling Silver 925 And Gold Jewelry - Beautiful selection of jJudaica jewelry
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NewAgeThinkersShop.comFree Chakra Information and a complete line of beautiful products for your mind, body and spirit.
Ancient Wisdom - Where Magic Happens

Heather Mendel
 is a mystic, artist and author. 
Heather offers seminars, workshops and retreats; in her presentations on contemporary kabbalah, she offers a welcoming of the intuitive and the Sacred or Divine Feminine into everyday awareness.You are welcome to visit her websites: www.sacredfeminienkabbalah.com as well as www.wordartist.com and heathermendel.com.

OmPlace The 'Conscious Living' Directory and Alternative NewsRoom

Webspirit New Age Resources- Spiritual Growth EBooks for free download and purchase. Topics include How To e-books like how to make your own bamboo flute, Contemplation and Inspiration, Alternative and Natural Healing incl. liquid activated Zeolite for your natural Cellular Defense and nutritional cleansing, Personal Transformation.
In Light Times - A Spiritual, Metaphysical, Holistic Publication: On-line & Hard Copy Publication presents concepts for conscious living - spiritual growth. Uplifting features, interviews, health, astrology, reviews, more...
SOULutions: Your

Spiritual Makeover Unlock your intuitive power a SOULutions Spiritual Makeover “LifeLift” and create an extraordinary life! Unique spiritual gifts & products for your best life! bodymindandspiritofli.com mini banner The Body, Mind and Spirit of Long Island on the Net

The Cultural Creative Web DirectoryThe most comprehensive, Cultural Creative web directory search on the Internet. 

The Psychics DirectoryWhere some of top psychics, astrologers, numerologist and more get listed. Readings, chat, free email, free horoscopes, education and more.
Visit the Top 100 Psychic-Related Websites! 

Amulets, Jewellery, Gifts & Greetings Cards - Wholesale - Lazell Historic
Jewellery Wholesale - costume and fashion glass jewellery, gothic, mediaeval and celtic jewellery, amulets and tiaras. 

Colon Health Information
- Alternative Colon Health information, Colon detoxification and detox diets, natural treatments for colon health, constipation, candida, haemorrhoids etc
www.colonhealthinfo.com- Colon Health Information

SpiritFind - A search engine for spiritual sites, includes sections on ascension, channeling, healing, meditation, psychics, and more. Updated daily!

www.psychicartspiritualvisions.com - Psychic and Spiritual Artworks with readings and interpretations

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