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The 72 Names of God – Kabbalah tools for healing and transformation – level 1
Learn how to implement the 72 Divine codes to connect with Universal abundance.

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Tikkun - Soul rectification according to the Kabbalah
Gain a broader perspective on your life
according to spiritual and Kabbalah principles
18 lectures, 2 hours
Banner Course 4website frontpageThe course is live on Udemy
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access the course HERE
The 72 Names of God – Kabbalah tools for healing and transformation – level 1
tavla 72names Improve moodThis course provides you with practical tools for spiritual healing, personal transformation and drawing abundance to all areas of your life.

In this experiential course, you will learn about the virtues of the sacred names, their special energetic vibrations, and how to implement them in practice.
You will practice different Kabbalistic Meditation techniques and learn to apply the knowledge of the 72 Names of God for different purposes.

You will also learn essential concepts in Kabbalah, which will deepen your understanding about the big cosmic plan – the Thought of Creation - and how it is manifested in your life.
By utilizing the powers of the 72 Hebrew letter combinations, you can solve ongoing problems in your life, heal yourself, remove blockages and reach success and personal fulfillment.

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Tikkun - Soul rectification according to the Kabbalah

Learn spiritual healing and development and knowledge of Kabbalah through the topic of soul rectification

In this course you will gain deep insights that will support and empower you through your spiritual journey.

The secret knowledge of Kabbalah will answer many of your fundamental questions about life, the experiences you go through, the challenges and hardship, so you can follow your life purpose more accurately, with less frustration and suffering.

Personal rectification is a process of growth that we can choose to undergo during our life in a human body.

If you want to get the most out of your present incarnation, live in the light, fulfill yourself, and experience moments of happiness, you can learn how to expand your consciousness and find discover each experience and challenge is actually in your favor – how it will elevate you in the ladder of your spiritual growth.

therefore - if you frequently ask yourself the following questions, this course is certainly for you:
- What is the purpose of my life?
- Why can life be so cruel to me?
- Why are all these frustrations and challenges?
- What is going on?
- Who runs the show here?
- What is my place in this world?

The vital knowledge you will gain in this course, will help you better understand life and get the big picture.

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