Card Readings
Hand card38 reading Sm A personal message for you from the "72 Names Cards":
Get an insightful message from the best Kabbalah Cards ever created!
The 72 Names Cards are the most reliable tool for personal advice, insights and prediction.
The “72 Names Cards” specialize in spiritual direction and questions about your life path and challenging issues concerning your attitudes, beliefs system, and Karma. They will help you understand your present situation and receive answers to questions in all areas of life: livelihood, health, relationships, career, success, concerns, dilemmas, and personal growth.
Price: $5.50
Hand Token 56 reading Sm A personal message for you from the "Tokens of Light": One card reading for insights, guidance and prediction.
The Tokens of Light is a powerful tool that will help you attain insights about the course of your life, for consultation and prediction according to the wisdom of the Hebrew lettres.
These cards provide detailed, accurate and reliable answers in all areas of life, career, personal growth, relationships, etc.
Price: $5.50 

Kabbalah Insights’ guidance and prediction products are easy and simple to work with, and intended for self-guidance. Each one of the sets is accompanied by a detailed interpretation booklet.

Ordering a one-card reading will give you an opportunity to experiment with the unique answers provided by each set of cards, so that when you decide to purchase any of them in the future, it will be easier for you to decide which type of cards will be most suitable for you.
Reading with 22 Gifts

One card reading with the 22 Gifts cards
Find your strong points + get analysis and guidance

The 22 Gifts cards will provide you with empowerment and guidance that will help you recruit your inner powers to overcome life's challenges - according to the Hebrew letters. In addition, the cards will provide you with guidance, detect blockages that might stand in your way, give you points for thought, and hints about what you should change in your attitude in order to better handle the situation.
This one card reading is designed for those who face a significant challenge or ongoing problem in their lives.

Price: $5.50
Set reading Sm A personal message for you from the "Inner Wizard" cards: Get empowerment just when you need it!
Get an insightful message that will empower you right now, and teach you what issue(s) in your life may be blocking you.
A personal message card will be drawn especially for you from the set.  The image of the card carrying your message will be sent to your mailbox, so you can read, be inspired and enlightened.
Price: $5.50


Hands reading Eng Sm A personal message for you from the "Wheel of Wisdom": One precise answer to one question for guidance and prediction:
One question reading gives you quick and focused answer to a particular issue of your concern.
This reading is recommended for decision making, work, career, relationships and other “practical” issues, and gives you a short and focused forecast about how things will evolve, if a certain issue is good for you, and whether you should keep pushing in a certain direction or drop it off.
Price: $5.20
one card reading Eng SmOne-card reading with the King Solomon Cards for guidance and prediction. 
The King Solomon Cards are excellent for those who seek immediate and accessible consultation for essential life issues. The cards can be read upright and inverted, thus - each card gives 2 answers - Total of 72 answers. The cards provide concrete answers to your questions and concerns in all aspects of life, including analysis, advice for action and character analysis.
Price: $5.50
Life Purpose Head Eng Sm

Discover your purpose and mission in life:
How will accurate implementation of what you were destined to be will help you attain success, satisfaction and happiness?

Walking in the right direction towards your personal destiny, and synchronizing with the commandment of the soul, will help a good flow of your life and a deep understanding of the events and challenges that you are going through.

For a numerological calculation of your mission and purpose in life, please specify your original birth name and date of birth, and the information will be sent to your mail address.
Price: $8.50


Hand Heart71 reading Sm Accurate love and relationship reading  with the “Alphabet for Lovers” cards:
Get accurate and reliable answers to questions about your intimate connection or any kind of relationship in your life (family, social or professional).
Relationship diagnosis is especially helpful in cases where the road is paved with misunder- standings and friction, or when love and mutual attraction are missing. Also - when you are attracted to a certain person and want to know if there is a chance to develop a relationship in the future.
If you are not in a relationship, you are welcome to ask about finding love, or what stands between you and fulfilling a loving relationship in your life.
Social, family or professional relationships can also consume huge amounts of energy if they are not flowing smoothly. Therefore, ask your question and you will be surprised about the insights you can attain.
For questions about an existing relationship , please provide names of both partners involved.

Please send your question and details to Orna at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Price: $7/50

Get immediate answers to your life questions with the mystical guidance and divination tools of Kabbalah Insights.
no waiting for shipment or shipping fees!
Your reading will be sent directly to your mailbox.
* Please allow 24-48 hours for reply.

One card readings are great for getting a quick glimpse into what forces are affecting your life or getting to the root of a problem, and forecast the outcomes. They also provide you with guidance and advise you how you should act, or what attitude you need to adopt to resolve a certain issue.

What types of questions can you ask?
* if you have a particular question or issue in mind, please write to Orna at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and let me know about the issue in question.
* You can also leave your question open and ask me "What can the cards tell me today?"

Each set of cards has its own "specialty", so please read the description about the cards and choose which type can provide you with the best answer.