Personality Analysis According to Your Name
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Logo Faces Banner SmWhat can your name tell about you?
Who are you really? ...
What created you, according to Kabbalah, is a wonderful energetic pattern with infinite potential:
Same way that everything that was created in the world was formed by the vibrational qualities of the Hebrew letters, every organ of your body, every characteristic trait, emotion, thought, will, and action, is represented by a certain constellation of letters, and is based on their energetic vibrations, just like a DNA code.
Each one of us is a wonderful compound of energetic vibrations emanating from the level of the soul, and realizes in the material world.

Our personal name that is composed of letters, also hints on the spiritual form embodied in us and our destiny in this world.

When we are born, our parents choose the name that will accompany us throughout our lives. In their subconscious, our they already know our true essence, temperament, character, emotional structure, and thus "find" the appropriate name for us.
And what if the soul of the pre-born fetus is the one who communicates with the parents and reveals to them the story behind its essence and purpose in life, and directs them in finding the name?
This is also a possibility to be considered.

Great importance is given to the location of each letter in your first name, especially the first letter, which defines it and represents the essence of the name, and the connection of the soul to the physical world, the type of intelligence and the strength of personality. All subsequent letters symbolize the emotional, mental, subconscious and social levels of your being.
In general, the middle letters tell us about the content of our lives, the interaction between our true essence and our expression in the earthly world.

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