Pick One card and get a personal message from the “72 Names" cards

Think of a question and select one card from the board.
If you don't have a specific question, you can request a message from the cards, something that you need to know now.
Write down the number of the card you have chosen, go to the bottom of the article and find your answer.
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These 6 cards were drawn from the “72 Names cards". Each one has a special message for you.
The 72 Names cards specialize in spiritual guidance:
The set contains 72 cards, based on sacred letter combinations from "72 names of God", and provide practical answers to questions from all aspects of life with an emphasis on the spiritual path.
The answers in the booklet contain 3 paragraphs for analysis, advice and the end result. Unlike other known methods of divination, you only need to draw a single card in order to get a clear understanding of your situation. The best Kabbalah Cards ever created!

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And here are the answers:

לאו – 11Lamed-Alef-Vav
Purifying tough energies
Perspective – Both positive and negative forces were created in the world, because this is the way of creation. When a negative process begins at a certain place, it will continue to exist, unless a positive action will be done to stop its progress. It is possible that lack of honesty and mistrust created shadows between you and a close person, or old debts from the past continue to generate disruptions in your life.
Direction – Energetic impurities take up valuable space where positive things could exist. Even the smallest light can eliminate darkness. If you want to save your relationships with those you care about, openness and honesty will help you acquire their heart anew. Do not hesitate to release old thoughts, old feelings or harmful people that hinder you. Purify your home and your soul and clear space for good things to come. Clear the table, and open a new page.
Bottom line – Outflow of funds to cover old debts and will make room for new and larger profits. Active efforts to please people you care about will remove the sediments and hostility. New opportunities will open for you and allow you to start things again from a safe and purified place.

ההע – 12He-He-Ayin
Unconditional love
Perspective – Creating harmony in any relationship, even with people who make it hard on you, shall bring you true joy and spiritual enrichment.
Direction – Love is the eternal and most important gift to mankind. Each one of us is a channel through which love is flowing to the world. It is necessary to temper any criticism and allow the vibration of love resonate through you. Tightening the relationships with siblings in the family shall bring joy and comfort to your life.
Bottom line - Conflicts that you had with close people were important milestones that eventually, will bring great joy to your life. Friendship with a favorable person will become a romantic involvement, and there are good prospects that happy marriage will develop between you. Successful business partnership is probable with a friend with whom you've had a lot of friction in the past. New birth is expected in the family.

הקם –16He-Kof-Mem
Rising again after a crisis
Perspective – When clouds obscure the sun, we must remember that the sun is always shining behind them. You may have reached a state of despair and helplessness, and difficult events threw you to the bottom. The crisis you experienced brought fears and guilt. It seems that your resistance power is weakening.
Direction – You must not be tempted into depression and a sense of victimization. This is the easiest way that will not lead you anywhere. Your true greatness will be expressed by getting up on your feet again. There is a lot you can do. Taking small steps in the right direction will do the job. Complete one task each day and time will do the rest.
Bottom line – The current situation will not be resolved immediately, but you will be able to start all over again, and this time - do things in a different way. After the first achievement, even if it seems small to you, your optimism and emotional strength will be renewed. Disconnect from pessimistic people or factors that weaken you, and your luck will improve.

ההה – 41He-He-He
Empowering inner strength
Perspective – When we remove doubt and trust our abilities, we can achieve almost anything. It is possible that you do not trust your internal strength and seek external approvals when an important decision has to be taken. This dependence might make you feel inferior and weaken your self-confidence.
Direction – Remember that you were created in the image of God, therefore, the power to create your own reality is embedded within you. Deep down inside, you know how to make things happen. Follow your internal voice – does a certain idea make you feel comfortable? Whatever the answer is, do what your higher-self suggests. You do not need external permissions.
Bottom line – Future success from your efforts will pump up your self-confidence. Take the reins in your hands and continue to do what you planned. The thing that you are asking to achieve, want to be yours.

עשל – 47Ayin-Shin-Lamed
Inner Peace
Perspective – People around you are consumed with quarrels and conflicts. You feel stressful and restless. All you want is to regain peace and put an end to the militant atmosphere.
Direction – Instead of being traumatized by conflicts, provide praise and encouragement: people around you will calm down when they are reminded of their positive traits. Fill them with faith that the whole world is on their side. Give a gift of good will. The world will become pleasant when more people find peace within themselves.
Bottom line – Do not make a commitment under pressure. Wait until all disagreements and conflicts are completely settled.

Externalizing inner beauty
Perspective – When we accept ourselves wholly, just the way we were created, our inner beauty is projected outward and personal charm is at its peak. Circumstances require you to use personal charm and self-confidence to find favor of others and get what you ask for.
Direction – You're the main actor in this play, and your personality must glow to the fullest. Feeling good about yourself will radiate your inner beauty outward and make you look attractive and appealing to others. Use a humorous approach and lighten up the atmosphere. Highlight the positive aspects in yourself, and the other person will be fascinated by your presence. Dress up.
Bottom line – Your self-confidence and the easy going atmosphere you inspire will help you achieve what you want. Learn to ignore the dark sides of others, and you will notice the divine spark in every person.

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