Pick One card and get a personal message from the “72 Names" cards

Think of a question and select one card from the board.
If you don't have a specific question, you can request a message from the cards, something that you need to know now.
Write down the number of the card you have chosen, go to the bottom of the article and find your answer.
Sample reading EeEng Sm
These 6 cards were drawn from the “72 Names cards". Each one has a special message for you.

The 72 Names cards specialize in spiritual guidance:

The set contains 72 cards, based on sacred letter combinations from "72 names of God", and provide practical answers to questions from all aspects of life with an emphasis on the spiritual path.
The answers in the booklet contain 3 paragraphs for analysis, advice and the end result. Unlike other known methods of divination, you only need to draw a single card in order to get a clear understanding of your situation. The best Kabbalah Cards ever created!
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And here are the answers:

24 – חהוChet-He-Vav
Neutralize envy and harmful intents

Perspective – In many cases, envy may become harmful and breed aggressive behavior. The basic belief that makes people jealous is “there’s not enough for everyone”. A person who is jealous of other’s success subjugates them from controlling their own lives and hinders their progress. A jealous person is planning to harm someone else.
Direction – Those who are jealous of you and are putting obstacles in your way, believe that what they want will be achieved only at the expense of others. Therefore, stay out of the game and don’t immerse your hands in the filth. Forget your revengeful ideas, and let those people feel safe and valued in your presence. It is better to avoid harsh and insulting words towards the offenders in order to encourage positive and tolerant atmosphere.
Bottom line – You will come out as a generous peacemaker and the damages of jealousy will be neutralized. All bindings will lose the power on you. No person will have a motivation to harm you.


25 – נתהNun-Tav-He

Telling the truth
Perspective – Difficulty in telling the truth. Complicated circumstances do not permit a direct and honest approach, and require a person to be ambiguous, dishonest, and often use white lies.
There is concern that if the whole truth will be said, someone else would get hurt and become hostile.
You worry that if you open your heart with complete honesty, people will judge you or your motives.
Direction – Never apologize for being a genuine person who expresses his feelings. When you do so, you apologize for your inner truth and deny it.
Hiding the truth consistently does not serve the long-term objective, because it will cause you to keep hiding yourself. You must distinguish between a direct lie and the need to tell the partial truth in order to avoid hurting someone.

Bottom line – Direct and honest approach will work in your favor and touch the hearts of others. You will be able to get what you're asking for thanks to your uprightness.
Alternatively – It will be necessary to tell someone the whole truth in order to open their eyes and warn them of a foreseen danger.

27 – ירת Yod-Resh-Tav
Flow of abundance

Perspective – Universal abundance is always looking for new channels to flow through.
The one who desires material abundance in life, can connect to the channel of abundance and create a steady flow by giving and charity.
This channel is kept pure and open when the desire to receive is channeled to the intent of receiving in order to pay it forward.
Direction – You should carefully examine your wishes and desires and make sure that they are also intended to the benefit of others or for a higher cause.
As long as you give to others, good fortune will continue to flow towards you. 
Bottom line – You are in a period of enhanced luck. The Universe directs you in taking the right decisions, and you will receive spiritual guidance whenever you need it.
Realization of desires, changes for the better, good livelihood, success and abundance.


57 – נמם Nun-Mem-Mem

Listening to the inner voice

Perspective – Before we were born, our life story was written by our soul who has chosen our defined path and the experience we are going to encounter.
Sometimes, it is difficult to find the destined path. External factors intervene and interfere in our lives and prevent us from seeing what we have to do.
You may try to find a solution to a pressing problem, there are many options to choose from, but influences from your immediate surroundings confuse you and distract your focus.
Direction – Your true greatness will be reflected when you ignore what comes to you from the outside and listen to your inner voice.
Your soul speaks to you in many ways, especially through intuition. When your internal knowing transcends the external distractions, you will clearly see your way.
Bottom line – When the right solution will emerge, you will know it in every fiber of your limbs: spiritually, emotionally, mentally and physically.
Then you can totally focus on the right direction. You will realize that the first idea that came to your mind is the best solution to the problem.

63 – ענוAyin-Nun-Vav

Appreciation and gratitude

Perspective – Sometimes we find it hard to notice all the good things life has given us.
At the moment you can only see the negative aspects of your life or the things that you were unable to accomplish. You look back with nostalgia and wish that things would remain as they were.
Direction – If you look too far into the past or the future, you will not notice the flowers blooming at your feet.
The good things that happen in life are not rooted in the past, but happen at this present moment. Be thankful for what you have right now. Be humble and know that the divine channel of abundance is the one that feeds your life. 
Bottom line – Realistic perspective on the troubles of others will bring you back to the right proportions and prove to you how fortunate you are.
Take advantage of the great resources you have, because you are facing an intense period of work and increased creativity. 

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