Dear Friends -

All of humanity is currently undergoing a rapid and intense shift.
According to the Hebrew calendar, we are now experiencing a period of preparation towards the end of the general rectification.
The last line before the transition to a higher dimension, where we are required to strengthen our spiritual attire (Haluka Derbanan = spiritual garment in the language of Kabbalah), so that we can move safely to the next dimension.

Accelerated development
is required of us at the moment, and for this purpose, powerful lights of wisdom descend to the earth, with the help of which we will be able to build larger and more powerful vessels for filling with light.

The powerful lights will empower the ones whose consciousness is developed, and are in the process of spiritual growth, despite the difficulty and danger that accompanies the process of expanding the vessels.
On the other hand, those who are still trailing behind, and do not understand that they must step out of their comfort zone, or are unwilling or unable to develop, will go through difficulties and suffering.
They will not be able to contain the abundance of light, and may crash.
In terms of the Kabbalah, they will go through a “shattering of the vessels”.
This can manifest itself in a distorted perception of reality, insistence on a set of irrelevant rules and an "old" worldview, or extreme behavior that can cause them harm.

In short – the “dormant” individuals will lose their power and be swept away by an uncontrolled tsunami.
Unconscious people who insist on leaving things as they were, in a world where cosmic laws are changing rapidly, will not survive.

We cannot stop the process of change, but there are many things we can do to get through this period in peace without sinking into the vortex.

First of all - we need to amplify our spiritual frequency.
To ascend spiritually, to expand our consciousness, and to be sanctified.

BlueOrchestraSpiritual transcendence can begin with the small, everyday details of our lives:
Performing actions for the common good, cultivating our altruistic aspects, and moving from awareness of separation, in which we are isolated and vulnerable, to awareness of oneness, in which we are strengthened and protected.
In short - to bring love, sympathy, caring and compassion into our human relationships.

We should be considerate with the people who live with us.
Instead of getting angry and criticizing - try to understand the other person and his feelings and motives.
To give wholeheartedly, as much as possible, to be generous and compassionate, without worrying that the very act of giving will impoverish us.
Giving can be on the social, emotional level, or as spiritual support for a person in crisis.

This is not the time to sink into anger, victimhood, bitterness, resentment, jealousy, possessiveness, or lust for revenge.
These are negative and harmful energies that can lower our spiritual frequency.

The farther we move away from the "natural" and automatic tendencies of the ego, the more we will achieve true oneness.
Our spiritual frequency will be intensified and we will be protected from the dangers and decrees involved in intense change.

The new reality that is being formed around us, requires us to be more in sync with the will of Creation, and with what the soul has chosen for us to fulfill in this life.
The more whole we become with ourselves, and the more we resolve internal conflicts, the easier our journey in the compressed physical reality will be.
The more we get rid of destructive tendencies, or spiritual contamination that is within us, the more easily we will be able to absorb the lights of abundance.
Barriers will fall, delays will be removed from our path, and our inner light will shine into the distance.
Things will simply fall into place, and our aspirations will be fulfilled easily and quickly without us having to undergo agony or squeeze our energies.

Another thing we can do in this challenging time is to study spirituality and Kabbalah.
It's a shame to waste your time staring at series on Netflix or reality shows ...
It is possible and recommended to find an hour a day to study mind-expanding wisdom.
Anyone who engages in spiritual studies intensifies his spiritual frequency, so that he can observe things from above and not sink into the whirlpool of chaos.

** In conclusion - we have no real control over the chaos raging around us.
All that can be done is to improve what is within us, and to flow in harmony with the process of change.

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