What makes us vulnerable to negative energies,
And how can they block us?

To find out, we need to clarify the term "spiritual poverty" - which is the root of all causes of negative energies and blockages.

Spiritual poverty is a condition in which there is a lack of light in the vessels.
According to the Kabbalah, our vessels must expand so that we can absorb new lights, change and develop.

Situations of expansion of vessels occur frequently in our lives, both on the individual level, and in the collective level.
Such aggressive expansion we are experiencing right now.
All this is meant to grow us and raise the personal and collective spiritual frequency.

The vessels are built and expanded in the world of shells (Klipot), but they are covered, and until we convert them, the light will not be able to fill them.
As the vessel expands, the light that already exist in it feels reduced.
The darkness occupies all the empty space that is not filled with light.

Lack of light in vessels causes us anguish, distress, and groping in the dark.
When the vessels are empty - the forces of darkness and impurity take over them, decrees fall on man, and he is left alone and wallowed in his troubles.
This is a state of spiritual poverty, which is also embodied on the material plane as hardship, deficiency and sorrow..

TheSecretWhen a person is in a poor, weak and vulnerable state, and his weak spots are revealed to the naked eye, other people can take advantage of this.
The systems of impurity also recognize the weakness and cling to the person.
He is vulnerable to negative energies, and his growth in every area of life is blocked.

The Kabbalah provides us with wonderful tools with which we can purify negative energies, transform the vessels and release the blockages in the flow of abundance.

One of the most powerful spiritual tools are the “72 Names of God”.

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