The Hebrew letter that will bring us redemption

The new Jewish year has just started.

For the beginning of the new year, I asked for direction from the Hebrew letters.
Which Hebrew letter do we need right now?

The letter that came up in the reading is the letter Gimel (ג) -
It carries the blessings we need in this time.
Gimel represents:
Height (גבהות) – Greatness (גדולה) – Redemption (גאולה) – Growth (גדילה) – Weaning (גמילה) – Mediation (גישור) – Valor (גבורה) – Revelation (גילוי) – Joy (גיל) - Charitable Giving (גמילות חסדים)
Gimel Empowerment Sm
The letter Gimel (ג) is associated with continuity and abundance.

The Hebrew term "גמילות חסדים" (G'milut Hassadin = charity) that opens with the letter Gimel indicates that in the coming year we should do our best to give and share our assets with others, and act out of altruistic motives.
This will strengthen our conscious vessels and will help us undergo the challenging times with ease.

Gimel is associated with the fire element , which is an essential energy for us right now, that will help us restart ourselves after the grinding and weariness in the shaky period we have all been through.
Gimel brings back to our lives the innocent and spontaneous joy of life.

One of the aspects of the letter Gimel is the power of weaning (G'milah = גמילה):
If we have been recently dependent at the mercy of others, supported and led, living under the auspices of the governments, authorities and experts who have decided for us and dictated the way for us, it is time to mature emotionally and mentally and release this dependence.
The letter Gimel will help us develop an independent and mature form of thinking, rely on our inner strength, and to be masters of our destiny.
To be an influential and leading factor, and not influenced and controlled, to initiate and give to others.

The letter Gimel (ג) also carries the motif of redemption (Ge'ulah = גאולה) –
Therefore - as we discover our inner strength, grow and intensify, we will be able to redeem ourselves from the difficulty, limitations, coercion, external conditions, fears, doubts, impeding thinking patterns, blockages, fixations, and anything that blocks the light from entering our lives.
Messiah will come from within, and it depends only on us.

We can apply the power of the Hebrew letters in our lives and attain the empowerment we need in challenging times.
This help comes through the small and wonderful set cards – “the 22 Gifts".
Set Eng Sm
These cards are designed for empowerment and guidance and will teach us where to focus our strength as we undergo the difficulties of life.
They give us insights into thought patterns and behaviors that may weaken or impede us, and are very good for assessment.
For more information on the cards:

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