And yet, you are still fulfilling your destiny...

These days after the Jewish High Holidays have passed, is the time when the new Hebrew year actually starts.
I wish for all of us a year full of activity, productivity, growth, joy, love, health and blessings.

The following message is intended for those of you who experience exhaustion, heavy energies, dissatisfaction, feel that things have gone wrong, that everything is chaotic, and that this is not the way things were supposed to be.

If you feel this way, then you are looking at a narrow and limited segment of reality.

And the blame is not on you… in fact, this is natural and understandable, because our vision in this world, especially in situations of stress and adversity, is limited.

We live in a world of concealment, in a place where the infinite light reaches at great reduction.
The simple truth is, that we are in the midst of a process of accelerated growth, and even if we are currently experiencing difficulty and distress, we are still exactly where we are supposed to be at this stage.

This is just a small part of the ongoing journey to our self-fulfillment as individuals and as a humanity as a whole.

ציטוט 46 אנגלית קטן

And speaking of the world of concealment - a new video has been uploaded to my YouTube channel on the subject:

What is the world of concealment - and how does it relate to us?
World of concealment Eng Sm
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