The right way to say "I deserve it"

The message this time, is relevant to the opening of the year, which will be packed with far-reaching changes and radical events on the global level.
Amidst all the chaos and sweeping changes we are experiencing, it seems that all we can aspire to at the moment is to go through it all in peace, and survive the harsh reality that has supposedly been forced upon us in the best possible way.

let's look for a moment at our greater ambitions, those beyond basic survival.

I get to meet quite a few people who are ashamed of their big aspirations.
In their view, the desire to achieve success, wealth, happiness and satisfaction is egoistic desire, that is not proper or "moral".
Therefore, they are ashamed of their desires.

In contrast, I meet people who want to conquer the world at any cost, even if they trample others along the way.
All means are kosher in their eyes.
The saying "I deserve" sounds natural and legitimate to them.

Well - are we supposed to strive for greatness?
And what is the right way to attain achievements (in livelihood, relationship, health, career and family)?

The Kabbalah teaches that every person in the world deserves to achieve success, wealth, wisdom and valor.
Since we are bound to undergo change and growth throughout our lives, we must do so in a way that is in sync with the will of Creation.

We, human beings, were created as vessels for the realization of the light of the Creator in the world.
Our success throughout our lives is expressed in the degree to which we were able to fill our vessels with light, (and not in the degree to which we satisfied the whims of the ego...)

The frequency of abundance contains not only livelihood and wealth, but also relationships and love, good health, happy parenting, self-fulfillment, wisdom, courage and ambition.

Here is seal number 35 from the King Solomon seals: the third pentacle of the Sun.
The seal is intended to help anyone who wants to succeed in a new job, in accumulating wealth, gaining respect and appreciation.
It allows a person who strives for greatness to achieve what he wants in a good and pure way, to be worthy of filling his vessels with the lights of abundance.
Hotam 35 message Eng Sm
The seal teaches us an important lesson:
The respect and fame that a person acquires in his life, the recognition he receives, the material and personal success, are not based on the will of the ego but on his ability to transform his egoistic desires into the desire to influence goodness in the world, to act from altruistic motives, and to connect to high spiritual frequencies.
When the light of the Creator fills us, we fulfill ourselves in the right and blessed way.

Take this message as a side note!
If we all act with the desire to increase the light in the world, there is a chance that our society will be able to move safely to the next stage of its evolution.

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