Pick one card and get a personal message from Heaven & Earth - King Solomon Cards:

Think of a question that is troubling you right now, scan the board with your eyes, choose one card and write the number in front of you.
(Pay attention to the way you are phrasing your question is:
Is this a question about past, future, or you seek advice? Be focused!)

* If you do not have a particular question, ask for a message you need at the moment.

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The five cards on the board were chosen from the popular Heaven & Earth King Solomon cards:
Heaven and Earth 
cards are a reliable tool for personal guidance, insights, and prediction.
Each one of the 44 cards in the set represents one of King Solomon’s seals that conveys a unique energetic frequency.
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The cards will help you understand your current situation, and get immediate answers to your questions in every area of your life: livelihood, health, career, success, personal deliberations, decision making, spiritual growth, relationships and more.
They will support your spiritual development process, provide you with advice, insights and empowerment.

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Here are the answers:

36 – the 4th Pentacle of the Sun
Every person who appears in our lives, serves a certain purpose, no one comes to us for no reason. A person who challenges us, complains, or demands, reflects on what is happening inside us, and represents something we must correct and transform. If we ignore his outer shell, transcend our judgment, and give him positive attention, we shall help him break his fixations and lead him to the realization of his purpose. In doing so, we undergo a major leap in our own personal growth.
This card indicates that you allow impatience and criticism to control your attitude toward others, and you need to improve your human connections by developing understanding and empathy.
You seem to be isolated in your own bubble, alienated, indifferent, and unable to contain other people.
You feel like people place excessive demands on you, expecting from you more than you can give, which weighs on you and interrupts your peace of mind.
Quarrels and conflicts may burst due to a lack of understanding, and even disengagement from a person who supported you and wanted your best. Negative criticism leveled at you can escalate into a battle of accusations and condemnations. You may develop impatience, resentment and judgment towards someone you consider as kind of slow.
If you open your heart, you will find that the "troublesome" person appeared in your life to help you break mental fixations and teach you something important about yourself. If you shake him off and try to get rid of him, you will not learn your lesson, and the opportunity for correction will come through another person who will pile demands on you.
Therefore - you must transcend your ego, be tolerant, and provide sympathetic attention. When you illuminate the path of others with patience and compassion, you are also fulfilling your destiny in the world.

20 – the 1st Pentacle of the Moon
One should always strive to expand his consciousness and develop. When over time and incarnations man remains in low spiritual awareness, refuses to change, and continues to act out of selfish motives, the forces of darkness and impurity may take over. These are the shells (Klipot) that always strive to suck all the energies, and the person loses his power and his light. When man is in darkness, change and growth are done through anguish. The reduction of light in the vessels causes decrees to appear in his life.
This card indicates a challenging period of blockages, delays in fulfilling plans and goals, and tensions that may deteriorate the health. Opposing forces, enemies or rivals pile difficulties in your way, or certain factors operating behind your back disrupt your progress.
Despite the many efforts you put in, your success is minimal and comes in small portions. It seems to you that you have lost control of your destiny.
The frustration you are experiencing now has deep roots, engrained in the distant past or even in a previous lifetime.
The negative karma you carry with you is associated with old anger, bitterness, feelings of deprivation or dissatisfaction and affects what you are experiencing today. The universe urges you to take action now to clear the murky sediments from your life. The delays and blockages you experience are not a punishment, but events that give you the opportunity to take a different approach, and transform something into your consciousness and worldview.
At this point, do not resist the difficult circumstances and do not try to resolve things forcibly. You have the key to start the rectification work and alleviate the suffering: Examine the emotions that run you in life: Do you carry within you intents of revenge, which pollute you spiritually? Have you treated others unfairly, disrespectfully, and ruthlessly (especially towards your spouse)? Have you acted out of selfish motives, stinginess and greed? Give generously and help people whose luck is worse than yours.

31 – the 6th Pentacle of Saturn
For the purpose of our spiritual growth, the universe provides us with various opportunities to transform negative emotions and harsh character traits and connect to our noble and sacred aspects.
When people revolt against us, seeking to oppress us physically or spiritually, even though we have treated them fairly, the challenge is great: In order to maintain our strength, we must transcend feelings of anger and revenge and respond with a higher awareness: control our pride and treat the offender in a way that will not harm us.
This card indicates a situation where you are treated unfairly, even though you have acted justly and honestly. Accusations, insults, threats, or even betrayal. A person whom you treated with respect and fairness turns against you because he was influenced by bad gossip he heard about you, or a person for whom you put a lot of effort and goodwill is ungrateful and treacherous. The anger and frustration you feel are sucking your energies. This is an important lesson that teaches you anger management. You must understand that the people who hurt you are emissaries from heaven who play a role in your spiritual growth process.
If you react to them automatically according to the dictates of the ego and attack back, you will be dragged along with the one who hurt you into a vortex of hatred and resentment. By doing so, you allow him to rob you of sacred sparks and weaken you. When you are spiritually weakened, the forces of darkness may attack you and bring down decrees on you.
If you succeed in lowering your ego and controlling your pride, you will rise spiritually. The light of grace will shine on you, and you will be emotionally, mentally and spiritually immune.

28 – the 3rd pentacle of Saturn
Each of us has come into this world hundreds and thousands of times, and throughout our many incarnations, we have more than once committed offenses that have hurt and agonized others. All our iniquities have created flawed vessels that must be transformed, so that we can move forward in our spiritual path.
One way to transform our vessels, is to challenge us through insults and slander, not as punishment, but to give us an opportunity for rectification and growth. If we accept the offenses with understanding and forgiveness, and do not act automatically and attack back, rectification will take place, and we shall be released from the negative karma.
This card indicates a situation where you are being slandered, condemned, insulted, attacked and criticized. You may come across an unfamiliar person who will direct disproportionate anger towards you, or a close person who throws at you all the unpleasant truth about yourself. People may libel or embarrass you, or you will be cursed and evil-eyed. Old, subdued conflicts may rise to the surface.
Despite the urge to defend yourself and fight back, you must practice understanding and restraint, leave your ego aside and not react automatically. You may be paying for past offenses, even from previous lifetimes.
The unpleasant situation is, in fact, an opportunity to close open accounts, purify your vessels, and correct an injustice that you are not even aware of, from a previous incarnation.
The Universe urges you to correct difficult character traits, destructive thought patterns, and fixations. The shaming and negative criticism allow you to deal with your exposed shadow areas. When time passes and the winds calm down, you will realize that everything happened in your favor.

14 – the 7th Pentacle of Mars
Even when you walk in the ways of honesty, faithful to your inner truth, and working for the common good, there are still situations where negative forces will try to rise up against you. These forces get in your way not to break your spirit or despise you, but to strengthen your faith in the righteousness of your way. If you overcome them successfully, you will strengthen and receive further proof of the Supreme Providence that stands by your side. People who are in low consciousness may try to hurt you, but when you are spiritually immune, you can purify the darkness that is within them and help them undergo rectification.
This card indicates that justice is with you, and the opposition exercised against you is meant to strengthen your faith and good intentions. You must win for the sake of good justice, act decisively and stand your ground. If you are facing a lawsuit, you must insist on your innocence and not agree to partial arrangements or compromises. In the family, social or business field - if you know your motives are pure, you must stand your ground and not give up your principles.
You are in a long process which, at the end of it, you will receive reward and spiritual satisfaction. Your conduct should be honest, ideological and in good faith. Work wholeheartedly for a noble cause, dedicate yourself to a particular person or subject out of love, and believe in your path despite the difficulties.
The current situation requires some sacrifice on your part, and giving without reckoning. Do not be afraid to give everything you have to accomplish something that is dear to your heart. Perseverance and hard work in full faith will lead to good results.

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