Who are the players in the big spectacle of your life?

Any person that exists in your life arrived to you for a reason.
In fact, it is your soul that summoned him/her to play a certain role in the big play in which you star as the main actor.

The decisions regarding to what parents you will be born, the social environment in which you will grow up, and the people you will encounter throughout your life, are predetermined, even before your soul is incarnated into this world. The purpose of the many encounters that you are about to experience throughout life is your own self growth through your experience in the material world.

Imagine it this way: When you are born, you fall into the center of a stage. This stage is the backdrop for the story of your life. You are the main actor of your special spectacle, and around you, the supporting players are participating in your personal story where you play of the main role.

Whether the supporting actors play a small or large roles, all kinds of relationships are formed between you and your supporting players throughout your life.

What we call an "actor" can be a son, daughter, partner, spouse (current or candidate), siblings, parents, children, cousins, friends, teachers, your psychologist, colleagues, and even neighbors.
Each one was given a prescribed role – to challenge you, support you, teach you, raise your objection, reflect certain aspects of your personality, to make you angry, fearful, hateful, compassionate, to forgive, rejoice and love. Each character in its own way contributes to your growth and reinforces your own experience in a human body.

Consider this point the next time someone annoys you in particular ...
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