What would your relationship with the new boss be like?
Case study with the Alphabet for Lovers:

David started a new job at public relations firm, and was curious know about the future of his relationship with his project team leader. In the early days of his job, he was impressed that the boss had placed a lot of criticism and pressure on him.

When he arrived to me for advice, we did a reading with the "Alphabet Lovers" and pulled card (heart) No. 60 out of the stack. This card refers to the Hebrew letter Kof and represents its positive aspect.

The news was encouraging: The title of card No. 60 states "Coming together and changes for the better."
It turns out that David made a positive step forward when he joined the firm. The pressure he experienced by his team leader occurred because that person has extremely high self-discipline and requires the same from his subordinates. The success of the team is a top priority for him, and he wanted to make sure that his new employee would invest 100% of his energy and contribute the maximum he can.

However, we also found out that the team that David joined provides a supportive work environment that contributes to everyone’s success and progress. The team members run a lively social life and often go out together after work. David's social life will improve thanks to his new job.

The advice received from card #60 is that David's conduct at work should be in favor of mutual goals, he should focus on personal contribution rather his self-centered desires - such as popularity, accumulating power and the rapid advancement of professional status. His relationship with the team leader will improve thanks to socializing and informal events. 

The "Alphabet Lovers" offer much more than love and relationships advice – they are also dealing with human relations in general. All sorts of human interactions can be analyzed, professional contacts, relationships with friends and family, neighbors and acquaintances. Working with the "Alphabet Lovers" shall give you advice and prediction according to the secrets of the Kabbalah.

The detailed answers in the booklet were written by knowledge of the 22 Hebrew letters. These sacred “signs” are the primal forces that affect the conduct of the universe and its structure, and constitute the cosmic DNA.
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