What happens between Shirley and her sister?
Case study with the Alphabet for Lovers:

Shirley came to me for advice, loaded with complaints about her sister, after their relationship reached a blasting point.

Since we are dealing with human relations in this case, we did a reading with the "Alphabet for Lovers" and pulled card (heart) No. 23 relating to the Hebrew letter Chet. This card’s theme is: "Overwhelmed by emotions."
It turns out that the relationship between Shirley and her sister are strong and deep, with a lot of mutual caring, dedication, giving and kindness. However, their over-occupation with each other’s life and personal issues is very intense, and sometimes consumes all their energies. They forget that each one of them has her own private life. Intense emotions control the relationship, there's no room to think rationally. In extreme situations, a lot of trash is flying around, and negative characteristics erupt above the surface. They experience stormy quarrels, possessiveness and jealousy.

The card advises to upgrade the relationship to a more spiritual level (as I understand it, they should engage less trivial everyday issues, and more substantive issues) and each sister should express herself in her own right and fulfill her own personal goals.

The "Alphabet for Lovers" offer much more than love and relationships advice – they are also dealing with human relations in general. All sorts of human interactions can be analyzed, professional contacts, relationships with friends and family, neighbors and acquaintances. Working with the "Alphabet Lovers" shall give you advice and prediction according to the secrets of the Kabbalah.

The detailed answers in the booklet were written by knowledge of the 22 Hebrew letters. These sacred “signs” are the primal forces that affect the conduct of the universe and its structure, and constitute the cosmic DNA.
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