Repressed uniqueness and loss of magic in romantic relationships:

Case study with the Alphabet for Lovers:

Do you know those couples that are locked in a close and tight circle, that always agree on everything, those that you would always see together, and neither one of them goes anywhere without the other?

For some couples there is mutual expectation of communal and total assimilation in their relationships: to always stay the same person so that the existing equilibrium would not collapse, to reduce your uniqueness and never transcend your partner in favor of a stable framework, to think and behave like the partner, to have the same likes and sidlikes, associate with the same friends, never to become more educated, open-minded, prettier or sexier… There is an obvious expectation that each partner will waive its unique personality in favor of the parity, which is of “highest value”.

These strict standards dictated by the spouses themselves (sometimes reinforced by the extended family as well), might, in most cases, block the free manifestation of individuality and suppress the natural freedom to express femininity or masculinity. As a result – the sexual tension fades away between the partners, and mutual attraction disappears. The relationship starts to feel like a relationship between siblings, or in the worst case, murky swamp of stagnant water, and the excitement, interest and fascination diminish.
Heart 47 Heart No. 47 of the "Alphabet for Lovers" talks about repressed uniqueness and loss of magic.
The card advises that even if you were hiding all these years inside your relationship, you cannot forever escape your own self and the necessity hold your own progress and move forward in life. Go out, learn something new, and bring a fresh breeze of air to home. 

The "Alphabet for Lovers" offer much more than love and relationships advice – they are also dealing with human relations in general. All sorts of human interactions can be analyzed, professional contacts, relationships with friends and family, neighbors and acquaintances. Working with the "Alphabet Lovers" shall give you advice and prediction according to the secrets of the Kabbalah.

The detailed answers in the booklet were written by knowledge of the 22 Hebrew letters. These sacred “signs” are the primal forces that affect the conduct of the universe and its structure, and constitute the cosmic DNA.
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The “Alphabet for Lovers” is one of the most trusted tools used consultants and personal trainers around the world!

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