Are you starving your soul?
Message for the week by the “72 Names Cards”:

When our actions are based on our intellect only, or we run our lives just for basic survival, doing only what we “must” and what daily life demands from us, we focus only on a small and limited part of our being.
Do you also find yourself in constant race to put out fires, and neglect anything that is not absolutely necessary right now? Forget to take time for yourself, sit down and reflect, to dream, to hold hands with your partner, or play sometimes?

How do you feel in the districts of “must”?
When we do not allow ourselves to feel the joy of doing and acting like robots, emptiness and boredom may arise, carrying lack of fulfillment at work or even in our relationships, dullness, inability to enjoy the present moment, and expectation that something extraordinary would suddenly happen to ignite our enthusiasm.

The passion for life is conceives through the heart and emotion, rather than reason and logic.
What nourishes and gives us satisfaction are the things we really love to do, and those are the ones that feed the emotion and spirit. Activities involving community involvement, personal contribution, dedication to a creative hobby, recreation, heart to heart conversation, and everything we do because we want, not necessarily must do.

Consistent occupation with the things that fill our souls, will inspire us and bring renewed zest for life.
Card52 Sm
* This message was received by card No. 52 of the “72 Names Cards”, which refer to the letter combination Ayin-Mem-Mem (ע.מ.ם) from the “72 name of God".

** Meditation and visualization with the letter combinationע.מ.םand inscribing it in body and spirit, will help raise enthusiasm that comes from the root of the soul, bring spiritual inspiration and dedication, and alleviate feelings of emptiness. This sacred name will nourish the spirit and help you renew the joy of life.

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