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The Tokens of Light:
What can the Hebrew letters tell you about the course of your life?

According to the Kabbalah, the Hebrew letters are 22 channels through which the power of the Creator is carried out in the physical dimension.
Each letter is like a "key" that links to Universal energy. Each letter and its unique pronunciation indicates a special spiritual power that is cast in it. Each letter represents a unique energy path that is expressed in the material world, and therefore - in your personal life.
Cosmic energy is streaming to the individual person through 22 channels and their endless combinations, and affects the course of their life and spiritual journey.

Because the process of creation is continuous, energy shifts are occurring in our environment, and our personal lives all the time. Different frequencies change and influence moods, thoughts, desires, impulses and behaviors.
If we assume that every situation in our lives reflects a certain energetic frequency, and that all energetic frequencies originate from the 22 Hebrew letters, we can diagnose any condition, advise and predict the future using the language of the letters.

The "Tokens of Light" -
66 paths for insights and prediction according to the Hebrew Alphabet:
Set Eng 223
The "Tokens of Light" cards provide you with answers to fundamental questions in your life, reveal the forces that influence you at a given time, and give advice and forecasting for future developments.
This set of 66 coin-shaped cards provides reliable answers to your substantial questions in the Kabbalistic way.

The 66 "Tokens" will help you understand the factors that control your life at any given moment, give practical advice and predict future developments.
The Tokens of Light are reliable and accurate, simple and easy to use for everyone: there is no need for complicated spreads to get clear answers to your questions, you do not have to be a professional card reader, and no previous knowledge in Kabbalah is required.

The set includes a detailed booklet with background explanations and interpretations of each card.

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And here are your answers:

1) Aleph-I – Embarking on a new path:

The spotlight is turned on new opportunities, new ideas, originality, physical and spiritual renewal, and new beginnings in the area you are inquiring about.
A new cycle of events is starting for you. You are aspiring to do something innovative and original and an urge awakens in you to get on the road and fulfill your ideals of high vision.
The time has come to start doing something you have dreamt about for a long time.
True faith in the process enables you to take risks and break consensus and paradigms.
You are propelled to leap forward into the unknown with great courage and a sense of purpose. Love of changes and adventure kindles enthusiasm and great hopes for success.

On this new journey you should think independently and listen to your intuition. Anything you do against your inner truth will likely fail.
If your question is about relationships – it's almost certain that you've met a new and unconventional person that complements you intellectually, and you feel that you can conquer the world with them. Go for it as long as you are mindful of the rules and respect the people that love you.


13) He-I – Freedom of action and maneuver:

This aspect of the letter He signifies strong ego and charisma, uncontested leadership, originality, imagination, knowledge and unlimited creativity.
Similar to the Emperor figure in the tarot cards, handling the circumstances is done by a single factor with exclusive control that centralizes all the power in his hands. A situation where there is a need to gather all the tenacity and stick with the goal without letting anyone interfere with the process or limit your activities.
Proficiency in all the topics involved, awareness and understanding will serve you through your progress.
Solving the problem at hand requires complete freedom of action and free space with no chains and dictates.
Distractions will slow the process and cause confusion.
What is crucial in the given circumstances is knowledge and understanding of what is important and indeed essential, and implement
ideas and ideals into practice.

30) Yod-III – To condense and refine:

This aspect of the letter Yod indicates the need to condense and distill things in order to emphasize their essence clearly.
A difficulty or problem may have been blown to frightening proportions until it seems that you cannot deal with it.
You may have to apologize for something you did and find it hard to explain yourself clearly, or to investigate a particular case that seems complicated and full of intricate details.

The nucleus is small and concentrated, and contains all the information.
Excessive redundant information leads us to numbness and inability to focus on the main issue.
Loud music and noisy effects are hiding the sublime words of a song, an enormous serving with multiple elements on the plate distract us from the taste and special texture of each food item.
Relationships can be spoiled because of pre-occupation with negligible details. Flashy and dramatic scenes keep us away from pure simplicity.
If you want to achieve good results, clean the surface of anything that disturbs you from seeing the root of things.

It seems like the background noise confuses you, and you need to extract the main point from the minor.
It is necessary to communicate your message in simple words and summarize what you say in order to draw the utmost attention.

36) Lamed-III – Learning and expanding horizons:

Diligent studies and personal enrichment. Being a lifelong student who thrives to expand horizons in all areas: material and beyond, especially in spirituality and mysticism.
Deep study allows you to understand the secrets of life.
The learning process is done through experiencing and wisdom of the heart.
Applying what you have learned into practical life and passing it on to others.
This aspect of the letter Lamed symbolizes the essence of consciousness. Understanding why things happen a certain way, and scientific exploration of the essence hidden in everything.
In addition, the letter Lamed indicates learning from the experience of others, and knowledge transferred from generation to generation, especially
what not to do.
If you want to learn how to avoid pitfalls and bumps, go to a wise and experienced teacher.

In issues of livelihood, learning at work is of absolute importance: there is a tendency to give up independent working environment with high salary, and prefer teamwork or working with partners in order to enhance your personal potential and gain experience through the knowledge of colleagues.

51) Peh-III – Healing and repair:

Gates open to healing and well-being, relief of restrictions, heightened awareness.
Finding cure to a physical illness whose roots lie hidden in the spirit. Healthy regeneration of body tissues, or spiritual and physical healing of a complex condition that is difficult to diagnose and its full essence is latent.

The healer bears a graceful mission and visits the patient. The healing work sets the patient free and redeems him from his suffering.
The healer‘s personality has feminine characteristics, who can sense the situation and see the goodness in each person. In most cases, alternative healing methods are implemented such as medicine herbs, inspiring kind and empowering words, or energy balancing, where healing frequencies are transmitted to the patient.
New methods of treating entangle, unpredictable and enigmatic conditions, that are difficult to diagnose and could have ended in disaster.
Healing is achieved by reorganizing the order of things.
The discovery of a great light that heals and brings salvation.
Also – good news may arrive through a messenger that give you updates about new medical innovations that can help resolve the disease.
In career issues, an organizational advisor may visit the company or organization’s offices to cure malfunctions and lead it to success. 

63) Shin-III – Disclosure and disillusionment:

Awakening from unrealistic notions, sudden disillusionment and clarification of a certain situation.
Long kept secrets are revealed, and new facts are exposed.
A long waited for illumination that enables you to reconsider your attitude regarding an oppressive situation.
A voice from the past creates a change of consciousness, and makes you realize that you have been living in delusion up until now.
Meeting a sensible person that knows how to set things right who tells you exactly what he thinks about you.
Whatever will be revealed is important to your growth, and is not done out of
wickedness or revengefulness.
The new insight will force you to create changes and set new goals.
If you experience a foggy or complicated situation, things will clarify because of a sudden unexpected revelation.

Alternately, even the most desperate situation is miraculously filled with new hope; a moment of grace when your wishes come true.
Rebirth of a new thing that is too early to know how it will evolve, but there are good reasons for optimism.
The situation is going towards growth and progress, and you will achieve strength and confidence thanks to a change of consciousness.
A year from now, things will look much different: your vision will be clearer, and your eloquence and creativity will improve. 

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