What is the big story behind sexual desire?
Message for the week by the “72 Names” cards:

Relationships, love, romance, sexuality and sexual desire are one of the most essential issues that mankind is engaged with intensively.
According to widespread views, sexuality and passion are the basic human impulse for reproduction and conservation of the species, and the desire for mating is embedded in our human DNA. This is the reason for the intensity of sexual drive and its unquestionable status as the engine that propel life.

But is this the whole story?
What is the longing rooted in each one of us to connect with another person, to merge totally and unleash the desire to end?

The physical passion, is a reflection of a similar but supreme passion in the upper realms.
In the spirit world, the soul exists an integral part of the divine light and is paired with Divinity. The total connection with the light of the Creator gives the soul the greatest pleasure and satisfaction. 

Since the spiritual world is reflected in the material one (as above, so below), this total connection is realized in our world in the form of sexual union (pairing). During the soul’s visit in the physical world, is still "remembers" this perfect union with divinity and aspires to re-experience it in physical life. Thus, we can interpret sexual desire as the most primal spiritual drive.
Sexual desire is a reflection of the will of the soul to connect with the Light of the Creator.

Intimate connection with a close person brings us pleasure, satisfaction, comfort and relief in our earthly journey. (No wonder, after a satisfying sexual activity we feel in heaven…)

card35 Sm
Card No. 35 of the "72 Names cards" refers to the letter combination Caf-Vav-Kof (כ.ו.ק) of the 72 Names of God” and talks about purified passion.
You are about to experience intimate connection, mutual attraction and passionate relationship that will benefit you and a loved one. Through the sexual involvement, a high and pure spiritual connection will evolve. If you have lost some of your spiritual light because of selfish sexual behavior (desire to satisfy your own physical needs only), you will be able to amend it through purified desire, and will learn the art of giving and consideration with the needs of a mate.
** Meditating with the “72 Names of God” and inscribing them in the body and mind can create major changes in your life. It actually creates transformation on your spiritual DNA level, changes that are manifested in your everyday life.

** Meditating with the letter combination Caf-Vav-Kof (כ.ו.ק) and inscribing it in your mind and body will help you purify your desires. This sacred name induces sexual desire, elevates sexual energy and willingness to devote yourself, and helps you ascend to higher spiritual level through purified sexuality. Very helpful in achieving good sexuality, and giving room for the needs of a spouse before your own needs. It also alleviates impotence or other sexual disorders.   כ.ו.ק helps you regain the sparks lost through selfish sexual behavior.

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