Pick one heart and receive a personal message from the "Alphabet for Lovers" cards.

Think of a question about your relationship (romantic, family, social ort professional), and select one heart from the board.
Write down the number of the heart you have chosen,
go to the bottom of the post and find your answer.

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These are six heart cards were chosen from "Alphabet for Lovers",
a set of cards that specializes in advice and prediction about relationships.

The cards are based on the knowledge of 22 Hebrew letters.
The set contains 72 heart shaped cards and a detailed interpretation booklet.

The cards answer fundamental questions about romantic relationships and relationships in general (family / social / professional).
Every answer in the booklet also contains a personal analysis, analysis to situations in which there is still no relationship (singles) and advice for action.
The Alphabet for Lovers is distributed worldwide and serves as a secret weapon for hundreds of relationships advisors and personal trainers.
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The subject of partnerships and human relations is a substantial area of our lives, that is always challenging our personal journey.
Our relationships are great laboratory for learning the most advanced and fatal spiritual lessons, this is one of the most emotive areas of life after birth and death.
A certain partner enters our lives for many causes, and plays a critical role by placing a mirror in front of us, that reflects us who we really are, and where we aspire to reach. This also applies to friendships, family relationships, social and business relationships.
If our relationship involves frustration and suffering, we must remember that our soul had summoned them to us to learn important lessons.
And yet - many questions always arise ...

You will find the answers for yourself with the help of Alphabet for Lovers.

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So what heart did you pick?

Here are the answers:

13 - Hey (ה) The kingdom of grace and mercy:
A relationship full of interest and variety, ups and downs.
A good flow of abundance and fertility, procreation, success and material achievement and a good ability to support the spouse financially.
The relationship is focused on the material side of life and emphasizes the building of a stable home, despite external influences and changes that may interfere.

One partner assumes the role of a protective parent, always present and acting on behalf of his spouse.
The home and family are run like a kingdom where everyone belongs with each other, and everyone has the authority to contribute his own essence.
The emotional home is a sanctuary that protects and contains, where your partner feels like a king.

There is support and sympathy, mutual respect and admiration, compassion and warmth.
For singles: You should make proper use of your feminine aspects – be warm and pleasant and trust your ability to influence the other person positively.
You'll have to demonstrate stability and generosity, however, do not force yourself into a relationship where you are the only one that gives.

Alternately - you may be involved with a person who sincerely desires to help you, but will try to re-educate you and dictate what you do.
Advice: Your great ambition for achievements may cause you to behave compulsively.
It is therefore important to see your spouse eye to eye and recognize him/her as an individual, and not to jump on them as if they were another project in your career.

39 - Mem (מ) Total devotion and sacrifice:
Sometimes God sends angels and messengers into our lives to accomplish specific tasks, but we remain unaware of their true identity.
In this case, the spouse is the angel sent into your life, a person that is eager to give of himself, who gives up selfish desires and acts to gratify his mate. His sacrifice is total, and this is his true essence. Your partner supports and is present for you in any situation, because that's what drives his spiritual ascension.
The heart is open to everyone and the door always open: hosting people and treating them while giving up personal convenience, employing maternal attitude and deep understanding of the needs of another. Complete identification with the partner’s needs in order to preserve wholeness is good for some people.
However, giving is often exaggerated and declines to the point of losing the self. It may cause frustration and anger over time.
The person inclined to sacrifices, has to implement high spiritual awareness and a broader worldview in order to survive the relationship: if the giving is one-sided without the ability to be paid back, it may stop the natural flow of abundance. Only angels can give endlessly without expecting anything in return, while the human beings may feel disappointed time and time again because the partner is unable to meet these standards.

For singles: You are ready to give up a career and fulfilling of personal ambitions just to achieve a stable relationship with the person that you want.
The desire to be assimilated into a loved one is a wonderful thing, but make sure to properly feed your soul in order to preserve your strength. Is the willingness to sacrifice so much in order to capture a mate is not a way for you to escape from taking responsibility over your own fulfillment?
Advice: Unless you are truly an angel, be a giver, not a human sacrifice.
You do not have to be your spouse’s protective parent. Learn to express your needs without fear of rejection.
Give up the old-fashioned ideas, ask for help if you need it, and support your partner without inflicting heartaches upon yourself.

42 - Nun (נ) karmic connection, transformation and change:
The spark of the divine is manifested in the relationship and they are right for both of you.
There is an inner knowing that this relationship is made by fate: powerful and deep karmic connection that would endure for a long time.
You both choose a trustful and binding framework, stability and security, goodwill, loyalty and unity that prevent falls of any kind. Strong emotions flow between you, warmth, love and compassion, humbleness and integrity. There is constant renewal, intense movement and consistent improvement on personal and mutual levels, and you both ascend spiritually.
Deep changes occur: a period in which you related to each other in a certain way is ending, the relations transform, and new and better bond is born.
You have a remarkable endurance and strength and overcome complex problems. The ego does not play a role between you, and each partner understands the feelings of the other. Alternately - in a situation where one spouse passes away (God forbid), the surviving spouse remains faithful and devoted to him, as if had never died, and is not interested in another spouse to replace him.

For singles: Past relationships have failed because they were too superficial and not meant to survive.
You managed to rise and ascend, and concentrate on the main issue - finding a deep and genuine relationship. Expect a turning point and a self-growth evolution.
The past is left behind, and you undergo a significant rebirth: Chances are that you'll find a faithful and devoted soul mate.

Advice: When a person is in a process of spiritual growth, his love life also improves and deepens.
Even in stable and profound relationships, the dynamics and power balance between spouses may shift, and roles may be altered.
It is recommended to release old patterns and allow the changes to occur.
Always search for new interests in life in order to strengthen the connective points between you.

44 - Nun (נ) To be redeemed after a painful relationship:
Significant change, separation, each party turns a new direction. The connection has exhausted itself and became empty and intolerable.
You are both tired of the routine of constant quarrels and friction and extremism.
Either party cannot overcome envy, greed and self-destructiveness. The limiting marital system is not satisfactory, and there is fear of betrayal.
The only reason you stay together is sexual attraction, and there is no additional value behind it. You cannot continue to live together, but the passion keeps burning. You continue to meet even after the official breakup, and this might be devastating for you. One of you is hot blooded and passionate, explosive and prone to extreme responses, defensive and lashes out. He attracts troubles, and has obsessive thoughts about the opposite sex. It is best to end the relationship in order to be released from this stress.
When the mourning period is over, and your mental system recovers, you'll feel a lot of freedom and spiritual liberation and your life will improve in many areas.
Like the phoenix rising from its ashes, so you can leave the ruins behind and look ahead with optimism.

For singles: A new connection is expected with someone who is not available, and considers you as a means of satisfy his unfulfilled needs at home.
If you do not stand on guard, you can be badly hurt. A better and more meaningful connection will pop up in your life after you terminate previous connections that were harmful to you.
When the sun will shine again on your life, move forward without delay.

Advice: When relationships lie stagnant, with no growth and content, even the soul comes to a standstill.
Whoever is full of lust and hooked on substance, will have to re-balance and develop a broader worldview.
Control the extreme responses, end the relationship in a friendly atmosphere, and be careful not to burn bridges.
Life is a process of change and transformation, and nothing could stay the same forever.

54 - Peh (פ) Radical and uncontrollable changes:
Arrogant and thoughtless behavior and unrestrained ego cause the relationship to collapse. A tornado is going on, the situation becomes hopeless, and you consider giving up, leaving and moving on. Unexpected or sudden changes occur. Gossip and babble about your partner may hurt your confidence in him and in the relationship and block your love.
Disorders are induced by bad words, hostile gossip, or a spell casted by external aggressor that harm the relationship.
Karma, hidden factors, ambiguous situations, fate, and the involvement of a supreme force brings forth things that are out of control. If you tried to get pregnant, your fertility may be low right now.
It is advised to prepare mentally in order to avoid future trauma. Even if you are overwhelmed now, this falling tower was bad for you to begin with, and the universe is actually at your side: this is the destruction of a relationship that existed for the wrong reasons. Fixed life patterns and conventions you've gotten used to, are no longer relevant for you. In such crisis, the soul separates from the negative energies, and the ego is eliminated.

For singles: If you had difficulties in achieving a stable relationship, it is possible that you tend to talk about yourself or brag too much, radiate negative energy, and thus scare people away.
Ask yourself if your blockage is due to conflicts with the environment and not flowing harmoniously with people.
Are you trying to cover your stubbornness, fear, or emotional closure? What would help you most, is openness and expression of empathy, rather than attack/stun people with your words.
Advice: Do not be afraid, change is for the better. You should flow harmoniously with life, and not fight them! In this situation, most circumstances are not under your control other than the words that come out of your mouth. The lightening of insight comes after all the misconceptions and erroneous patterns are diminished.
Destruction should be acknowledged as a basis to a new start and you should be optimistic about future success.
After the defeat there will be revival from a pure and better place.

62 – Kof (ק) Deception and pretense:
Love, lust and illusion: a relationship in which love is false and the connection consists of coverings, masks, patches and compensations rather than pure motives.
You are attracted to someone out of economic interest, or to compensate for old troubles, even if you are not aware of it. Do you mistakenly perform role playing?
Are you in love with him because he signifies the parent or a boss for you, or are you looking for a dependent child figure?
Do you stay with someone just out of pity?
You may be deluding yourself about a person who is found to be far less enlightened than what he really is. Someone who covers materialism and self-interest under a friendly and cordial behavior.
You may be connected with an excellent mimic, someone who always tries to entertain and be funny, but does so in order to cover on a problematic personality, extremism and prickliness. A person acting out of selfishness, but trying to convince you he is doing everything in your favor.
Sometimes this will be a needy relationship with a spouse who is very emotionally complex, an exhausting experience full of verbal violence.
There may be a feeling of coldness, loneliness, depression and sadness over the years, because the soul was denied of what it really needed.
Finally, the sparks will fade, you will wake up from the illusion and feel disappointed.
For singles: A new connection where you feel lonely beneath the surface, or a one-sided attraction to a person less interested than you.
Denial of your intuitions causes you to attract troubles and jolts.
Check carefully if you have noticed all the sides of that person and if he can really be trusted.
What gets you in trouble may be your fear of being alone with no material support, and you make the wrong choices in your connections.
Advice: To begin personal growth, you have to change the approach of focusing on basic survival and the physical body.
Look at the interior beyond the shells, the spirit behind the matter.
If you cannot read your spouse clearly, he probably has something to hide.

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