Pick a card and get a personal message from the “Revealed by the Letters” cards

Think of a question and select one card from the board.
Write down the number of the card you have chosen, go to the bottom of the article and find your answer.
If you have a specific question, think about it as you scan the cards with your eyes.
If you prefer to leave the reading open, ask yourself - what can the cards tell me today?

guidance board 4 Eng Sm

These 5 cards were drawn from the “Revealed by the Letters” card set.
Each one has a special message for you.

Revealed by the Letters” cards are based on the wisdom of the 22 Hebrew letters, which are the principal forces that created the universe.

This set of Kabbalistic oracle cards is based on the wisdom of the Hebrew Alphabet. 
These 44 clever little cards are designed to provide you with focused answers to important issues in your life.
Through card reading you will get accurate analysis of your current situation, practical advice and prediction for future developments.
The set contains a detailed interpretation booklet.  
To learn more about the cards, visit: http://www.kabbalahinsights.com/en/products/revealed-by-the-letters

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set 1658 Eng Sm

And here are the answers:

8 - ד - Dalet

A sense of threatening scarcity leads to stinginess and tenacity. Excessive concern for livelihood and finances makes you clench your fist and your soul, suspect others and seal yourself from your surroundings. Arguments, reckoning petty, vindictiveness and unwillingness to compromise. Reluctance to give of yourself for the fear that you'll not have enough left. Dissatisfaction with the surroundings, and a refusal to accept reality as it is.

Advice: Scarcity is a matter of attitude only. Keep the door open in both directions - giving and receiving, and thus you will take part in the cycle of life. Do not withdraw alone to your fortress, show interest in what's actually going on around you and you will find the positive and beautiful things in life. In the area of health, a thorough and accurate diagnosis should be conducted by a specialist to a medical problem that might arise.


15 - ח - Chet

Physical, mental and sexual vigor. Harsh and stressful conditions stand on your path to personal fulfillment and require you to recruit all your energy and diligence. Honesty, integrity and purity will help you stand with dignity any challenging or embarrassing situations. What you're asking for involves a long and bumpy process. Along the way you will have to meet many obligations, and you will have to be generous, lenient and forgiving, dedicated and willing to sacrifice yourself - and thus you will discover your inner strength. Realization of economic goals, wealth and good earnings will bring an overall satisfaction from your life and faith in your good fortune.

Advice: Despite the challenging events that are piling on you frequently, there is no need to feel as a victim. You are not helpless. If you attain successful results, keep the information to yourself and do not brag to others.


38 - ק - Kof

External circumstances and extreme energies astound you, opposing currents attack you intensely, causing mood swings, chaos and loss of control. Attempts to assimilate into a different social or professional environment for the purpose of improving your status and self-confidence, might cause you to disconnect from your true-self and forget your original identity. Inability to reveal your true face, and the necessity to replicate a certain life style that does reflect your uniqueness, Negative patterns that do not reflect who you really are collapse and stop working for you, cleaning the surface for new beginnings.

Advice: To develop a strong and durable backbone that will support you in the turbulent streams, act with self-control, sober judgment and patience. Do not give in to urges and impulses, avoid petty materialism, jealousy and a tendency to gambling, and harness your aggression and sarcastic behavior.

41 - ש - Shin

Sudden clarity, important and unexpected discovery, awakening from illusions and deceptions. Issues of the past open up and new facts are revealed. A situation that was ambiguous and complex up until now brightens, and raises hopes for changes for the better. A birth of something new, intensified creativity, growth, progression, and realizations of dreams. Restlessness and frenzy pursuit of new thrills, with constant need to take a bite out of life, taste and experience. There may be changes in a chosen profession, switching life partners or a place of residence.

Advice: As things become clearer, you will be able to apply the new insights and change your attitude about an emotionally charged issue. To get out of a dead end, it’s important to put things straight directly and openly, and say exactly what you think. However, avoid impulsive behavior, conflicts, disputes and unnecessary shudders.


42 - ש - Shin

Changes that occur in your life, will be reflected in full upon completion of a year’s cycle. Injustice will be redressed, compensation will be given to those deprived, disputes will be resolved and peace will be achieved through concessions and fair conduct. A sense of belonging, love and sympathy from the surroundings. Involvement in lively family life, supporting framework, close and informal friendships, and dynamic and passionate parity. Giving priority to home and family with constant aspiration to accumulate assets, stable income, beautiful home and stylish clothes. Development is expected in the area of spirituality and the occult, in order to achieve perfection.

Advice: Possibly, the hidden wishes and desires are not satisfied immediately and you may feel restlessness and even anger. You have the choice of whether to focus on your anxiety that will lead to more frustration, or convey the excessive energies to creative directions.

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