Pick one card and get a personal message from the King Solomon Cards:

Think of a question that is troubling you right now, scan the board with your eyes, choose one card and write the number in front of you.
(Pay attention to the way you are phrasing your question is:
Is this a question about past, future, or you seek advice? Be focused!)

* If you do not have a particular question, ask for a message you need at the moment.

*** Do not be afraid of the inverted cards!
Unlike tarot cards, they do not represent disasters or troubles, but give you an alternative aspect to the subject in question.

Go to the bottom of the article and find your answer.
Sample reading 5 cards D Eng Sm

The five cards on the board were chosen from the popular King Solomon cards:
The King Solomon Cards specialize in guidance and prediction about “earthly” issues.
The King Solomon's Seals, Goetic symbols, and the "72 names of God" (written in angelic characters) on the cards contain intense energetical powers, and represent different frequencies related to conditions, circumstances, features and events that you may encounter in your personal life.

A person performing a reading with the King Solomon Cards, can instantly connect to the right card that will provide the most relevant answer to his question.

The special collector's edition contains 36 cards with King Solomon seals, the cards can be read upright and inverted, so that each card provides two answers – a total of 72 answers.

This set specializes in concrete questions relating to all aspects of life and gives insights over the situation, suggestion for action and personal analysis.
A valuable bonus is added to the cards - a set of nine kabbalistic pocket-size amulets with King Solomon seals.

Set Eng New Sm
For more information and purchase: https://www.kabbalahinsights.com/en/products/king-solomon-cards

Here are the answers:

1 – Love, relationships, emotions, mutual concessions, support and encouragement.
Situation: The beginning of a new relationship / existent loving, supportive and intimate connection / you may get an insight about a familiar person whom you never imagined that would be interested in you / support from your spouse when you need help.
Person: Someone you helped his past and wants to pay it back to you / a person you trust and know better than anyone else / your significant one / married couples that work together.
Advice: Follow your heart / Consult with a close person and accept their good advice.

9 - Study, education, lessons, learning
Situation: Attaining constructive conclusions from something you learned / knowledge earned through personal experiences / acquiring knowledge, edication / expanding horizons.
Person: Someone who teaches an important lesson by his actions or words. Listen carefully - he came to open your eyes through empowering words or criticism / a teacher / an educator.
Advice: Explain yourself clearly, make sure your words are well understood / Listen and learn a lesson / draw conclusions based on experience and learning and apply them / enroll to school, take a particular course, because you will learn something important / It's time to expand your horizons.

23 - Security, protection, support
Situation: You are benefitted by security and protection and you cannot fail. Being protected, you can safely go for the fulfillment of your wishes / any way you choose to operate will be successful thanks to the Divine providence on you / emotional or financial support.
Person: A firm believer who trusts his good luck / someone who provides support and protection / a person who guarantees your steps, keeps you from afar, warns you of dangers / people who want the best for you.
Advice: Feel confident with every step you are about to do, but take precautions in advance / involve trusted people in your decision, approach or action/ find someone that will be your guaranty / issue an insurance policy / Allow yourself to act without fear.

26 - Delusions, hallucinations, fantasies, unrealistic perception (inverted)
Inverted: Disillusionment, awakening from a dream, falling to earthly reality / the downturn of exaggerated expectations leads to crash / soon you will discover if what you thought is imagination or reality / fear of cruel and painful disillusionment / recompensing from addiction.

31 – Alteration, beginnings, endings (inverted)
Inverted: The end, complete closure to an existing situation / no turning back / successful completion of tasks.

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