How to improve your prophetic ability and channeling skill
so you can absorb hidden knowledge:

This information can be useful to you if you consult other people, or wish to improve your channeling skills, connect to the source of knowledge and get messages for yourself.
Four sacred letter combinations of the Kabbalistic "72 name of God" will help you discover hidden secrets, and thus, give better guidance to your clients.
Prophecy Channeling
These names should be written (in Hebrew Letters, or visualized):
The name Aleph.Nun.Yod (א.נ.י) - will help you see the big picture, on the larger scale, at the cosmic level, to understand the cause and purpose behind every problem, detect hidden circumstances, even those that are not of this world, and improve prophetic abilities.
The name Mem.Yod.Caf (מ.י.כ) - will help you uncover hidden truths, to see things from another angle, remove illusions, and see the naked truth.
The name He.Resh.Yod (ה.ר.י) - will help the development of intuition and a clear vision of the future. Encourage prophetic capabilities and foresight, perception of causes and effects that govern reality. This name contributes to clean personal vision and making good choices that will yield success.
The name Chet.Bet.Vav (ח.ב.ו) - will help you communicate with the souls of the deceased, open you to receive messages of supreme guidance through a person who passed away, to perform spiritual channeling, to receive good advice and support.
There are many techniques that can help you inscribe the sacred letter combination in your body and soul.
Here is one of them:
The conductive power of water:
Let’s prepare ourselves a wondrous drink with the power of the “72 Names of God” :
Take a full glass of water and held it between your hands.
"Charge" the water with your selected letter combinations from the "72 names of God"
blessing water פוי
The visualization method:
Imagine these names before your eyes, breathe them in, let them enter your body through the third eye, and visualize them moving to your arms, hands, and into the water in the glass.
Add pink color.
When you feel that the water is charges with force these names, drink the water.
Pay attention to your feeling...

Another way to implement the power of the 72 names in water is more direct, (but I personally prefer the visualization method):
- Write the letter combination you have chosen of a piece of paper (using permanent ink) - If you have selected a number of combinations of letters, write each one on a separate piece of paper.
- Fold the slips and put a glass of water
- Lit 7 white candles and place them around the glass containing the water ant notelets.
- Let the water stand all night, and next morning take out the pieces of paper and drink the water.
(Let the candles burn until they end. This can be done in the evening, and the water can be drunk at the following morning)

Meditating with the “72 Names of God” and inscribing them in the body and mind can create major changes in your life.
It actually creates transformation on your spiritual DNA level, and the changes are manifested in your daily life.
Keep this letter combination in your mind for a few days.
It is also recommended to inscribe it in the body and mind through visualization.

The full list of interpretations for the "72 Names of God" – is available for anyone interested.
To receive it, please go into this page:
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and I will send it to you with love.

Special for therapists, counselors, Kabbalah students and spiritual travelers:
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