What are we really afraid of?

You are all invited to look at fear in the eye and ask it why it prohibits you to live your life to the fullest…
Isn’t it ridiculous? We all understand that each day we live on earth can also be our last day here, but we still give up on so much because of fear.
And fear is truly a big liar… Each one of us has at least several experiences of releasing fear, and getting something excited in return.

Let’s choose to replace fear with bravery.

[Livi Ram, co-creator of the Inner Wizard Cards]

Sample Card fear
This is one of the messages given by the magical Inner Wizard cards.

These cards are a rare breed of cards that actually read you and your most authentic feelings. They help you discover your inner truth and provide important insights, empowering daily messages and practical advice.
Each card in the deck brings you an enlightening message, and the whole set is like a team of wise, loving and trusted advisors available to you at all times.
Set 135616 Sm

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