What happens when you feed the toxic plants in your garden?
This is not a lesson in botany or horticulture, but a parable of what may grow and flourish within your soul.

In our inner garden, which we cultivate with love and devotion, poisonous vegetation might emerge and suck all the water and fertilizers we give to the rest. These toxic plants take control over the garden, and we – distractedly - may continue to give them everything they demand from us, so they thrive and grow taller and until they hide the sunlight from everything that grows around them.

Feelings of anger, hatred and separation pop up in our inner garden, our souls, and reflect our negative thoughts and dark sides.
They sustain themselves through confrontations, quarrels and hostile activities that drain most of our energies and fill every corner that was drained out of light. When we ignore simple and absolute love, we may be thrown out of balance, be drawn into self-hatred, and on the global level, even experience tragedies and natural disasters.

Message for the week from the “72 Names cards”:
card29 sm
Card No. 29 refers to the letter combination Resh-Yod-Yod (ר.י.י) of the “72 Names of God”, and talks about releasing anger and resentment. Unlike other cards that refer to the subject of hatred and hostility, this card advises us not to do anything right now, but wait for the right time when new paths of understanding and compassion will open for us to help clear the atmosphere. New insights will teach us that the anger and resentment we experienced were in vain. In short, one must be aware that poisonous plants have taken over the garden, but should wait a little before destroying them, because in the near future more efficient methods will be revealed that will help to eliminate them.

** Meditating with the “72 Names of God” and inscribing them in the body and mind can create major changes in your life. It actually creates transformation on your spiritual DNA level, changes that are manifested in your everyday life.

*** Meditation and visualization with the letter combination Resh-Yod-Yod (ר.י.י) of the “72 Names of God”, and inscribing it in body and soul will help to eliminate animosity, cleanse spiritual pollution, and shed away feelings of anger, disgust, hatred and resentment towards a person or group. This sacred name will also provide protection against hostile activity that might be taken against you.

For more information about the 72 Names cards:
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