To Sit alone in the dark and not be afraid

There is probably something important to learn from the Polish mothers who threaten: "So I will just sit here alone in the dark…”
Apparently, they have a built-in inner belief that they will not be left alone in the dark for too long.

And now seriously ...

Many of us may experience the sensation of groping in the dark. The pain increases, a sense of emptiness envelops us, and we run around in search of consolation and filling to satisfy the hungry soul. Somebody! turn on the light!...

The frightening darkness around us at such times is a heavy drape that was formed by despair, fears and pessimistic vision. All of these cause us to feel isolated, disconnect us from reality and block the Divine light that always shines.

If that's how you feel now - do not panic! It is sometimes allowed to be depressed and pessimistic, and the feeling of emptiness indicates that there is a wide space within you to contain the light.

Sometimes, it is necessary to stop the race in search of a cure, and just sit in the dark calmly and be attentive. Under the cover of darkness, senses that you are unaware of in the presence of light, will be activated.

You are connected to the upper light with your umbilical cord, and salvation can reach the darkest places. Trust in your inner guidance, your higher self that will speak to you and guide you to the light.

Message for the week from the “72 Names” cards:
card 59 Sm
Card No. 59
refers to the letter combination He-Resh-Chet (
ה.ר.ח) from the “72 Names of God”.
The card tells you that you are not lonely in the world, and that you are inextricably connected with the Upper Light, that yearns to illuminate your life. Inner mental powers that you did were not aware of will be revealed to you on the way to healing.
Be corageous and take responsibility over your life, the depression and the pessimism will pass, and what is lost will be rediscovered.

** Meditating with the “72 Names of God” and inscribing them in the body and mind can create major changes in your life. It actually creates transformation on your spiritual DNA level, changes that are manifested in your everyday life.

** Meditating with the letter combination He-Resh-Chet (ה.ר.ח) and inscribing it in your body and mind will help in situations of groping in the dark, sadness, outbursts of anger, melancholy, pessimism, and hyperactivity. This is the umbilical cord that connects you to the Upper Light, your direct linking to the Creator. This sacred name gives the power to overcome negative outcomes, and regain what has been lost. It will help activate the sixth sense and uncover hidden secrets. Help you take responsibility, inspire courage, overcome fears, and fills your life with renewed light.

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