What would require more effort?
To climb up, or to get down?

When it comes to tensions and quarrels, it is best to resolve a conflict as soon as it arises, while still in the bud, so that it does not escalate into a real war.
A conflict, a strife, and even a political clash, can be resolved in two ways:

- The first one, is by radicalizing positions and intensifying the power over the "enemy".
- The second way is to practice tolerance, and to reach a solution diplomatically and peacefully.

- - In the first way – (which is a natural human inclination), we descend to our lowest shadows, collect all the energies, inflate the ego, act aggressively,
and the result - a stubborn war that demands many casualties.

In this approach to resolving conflicts, there is no winner - everyone loses, and the conflicting rivals are coming out bruised from the battlefield.

- - The second approach – is less painful, but requires quite a bit of effort.
We must rise to a higher spiritual level, clearly recognize the desires of the "enemy", understand the factors that unite us with the opponent, and then be flexible and do our best to reach concession.
The result - reaching a compromise that benefits both sides. The opposing forces unite under common interests.

From this high place, you can see the golden path more clearly.

The main advantage of peaceful conflict resolution is, that the harmony that builds up spreads in positive vibrations to all the extended circles and opens the door to growth and prosperity.
It is not only the involved parties that benefit, but the whole world.

If so - what will be more beneficial to you - To climb up, or to get down?

Message for the week from the 72 Names cards:
Card No. 14 refers to the letter combination Mem-Bet-He (מ.ב.ה) from the “72 names of God”. The card talks about finding the middle line, without which there is no power to any opposing extremes (parallel to the mid-line = mercy – in the Tree of Life). The card portends that an argument you are involved in will end thanks to diplomatic mediation and reaching a peaceful resolution, and harmony will be achieved through the effort to be tolerant and compromise.
card 14 Sm** Meditating with the “72 Names of God” and inscribing them in the body and mind can create major changes in your life. It actually creates transformation on your spiritual DNA level, changes that are manifested in your everyday life.

* * Meditation with the letter combination Mem-Bet-He (מ.ב.ה) and inscribing it in the body and mind, will encourage peaceful resolutions. It inspires of tolerance, balance of internal conflicts, contributes to world peace, and resolutions through agreeable approach. It connects you to the spiritual light and to the soul in order to end a conflict. Our personal efforts for tolerance can change the world. Mem-Bet-He protects against war, brings about a cease-fire, gives expression to strength and internal power, promotes abundance, growth and bloom.

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