What empowerment will the Hebrew letter Samech (ס) give you -
and what can it teach you about yourself?

Each Hebrew letter has its unique characteristics and energetic vibration.

When we connect to the energies of the letter Samech, we can get the empowerment related to its particular virtues.

What empowerment will the letter Samech give you?

Samech provides support, stability, protection and personal security.
It will enhance your ability to trust yourself and others, and give you a sense of wholeness. It will help to close loose ends and complete processes, and raise your curiosity and inquisitiveness about sublime and hidden matters.
Samech helps to establish relationships of unconditional mutual support.
It helps you demonstrate authority, responsibility, tolerance, provision and encouragement, and to keep sensitive matters and intimate secrets to yourself, or inside the close circle of family or social group.
Samech Eng Sm
What can the letter Samech (card#15) teach you about yourself?

When we draw a particular card from the "22 Gifts" cards, that carries a certain Hebrew letter, our choice is never accidental.
The letter that empower us fills a certain deficiency, the powers that we need most at this moment in order to overcome a challenge we are facing.
So, what is our "weakness" or difficulty?
And how can we amend our attitude towards the challenge we encounter?

What can we learn about ourselves and our situation when the letter Samech appears in a reading?

Here it is:

The letter Samech balances those who cannot open up emotionally to allow others to support them.

- For those who encounter repetitive difficulties and obstructions in their lives, it is recommended to examine past events: Did you leave an open cycle? Have you not completed an important process, or have you not forgiven an injustice done to you? Did you return a favor to someone who supports you in tough times?
Closing unfinished business will clear the area for new beginnings.

- For those who tend to chat a lot about the private affairs of others, the letter Samech reminds you to keep secrets that were deposited with you.

- You may be living in a closed and stressful circle dominated by internal intrigue, jealousy and social storms, so you should not expose your personal affairs too openly.

- Too much support from close people who take care and protect you, may block your luck and interfere with your ability to manage on your own.

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Set Eng 849Md
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