How to win a trial, argument, dispute or competition?
Implement the magical powers of King Solomon Seals.

Different people have asked me on several occasions, about Kabalistic talismans that could help them with legal issues, arbitration, and argument resolution.
I have collected for you 4 of the King Solomon seals, designated for such situations, from which you can make your own amulets when necessary.
Hotamim 4 Trial Sm
How do you make a personal talisman for yourself?
Download the desired seal image to your computer, print it on paper, and dedicate it to yourself by writing your name and mother's (first) name on its back.
To activate the amulet, hold it between your hands and allow its energies to penetrate your energy field.
Ask the seal to help you achieve your goal, and to say "Amen".

Keep it close to you in your purse, wallet or pocket.

** One of the seals shown here is included in a special set of pocket-size amulets in an elegant gift box -
"The 14 Blessings
which includes 14 Kabbalistic pocket-size amulets with King Solomon Seals for good luck and success in all aspects of life.
GiftSet Eng 114110SmOn the back of each amulet, there is a blank space where you can fill-in your name and mother’s (first) name in order to dedicate it to yourself.
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If you are seriously interested in the King Solomon seals and their magical powers, please take a look at the large poster that contains the 44 seals of Solomon and thier manings:
poster 44seals Sample
You are welcome to instant download an artistic poster that contains the 44 seals of Solomon and their interpretations, and print your own copy:
Or - you can purchase the artistic print (printed on quality lithograph paper:

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