Michelle asks:
"Will the new business I started in the cosmetic products field turn out good,
and what should I do to ensure my success?"

A sample combined reading with two powerful sets of cards:

Sample reading Combined Eng Sm

Here is the answer she received from a combined reading with Revealed by the Letters cards and the 22 Gifts cards:

Card #9 from the Revealed by the Letters cards refers to the Hebrew Letter He (ה):
Independence and freedom of action and maneuver, advanced knowledge and originality, unique personal expression and creativity without any restraints and dictates. Attaining a status of leadership, management and control. Individuality and personal charisma bring fame and popularity and the accomplishments are effortless. Things are led by a strong, independent person who has sole decision authority and all the power is held in his hands. A time of renewal and fertility in which feminine knowledge and wisdom are expressed. Humor, lightness and gentleness, enjoyment of art and culture, revival of mind and distraction from day to day burdens.
Advice: In order to achieve what you desire, do not let anyone interfere in your decisions, limit you or constrict your steps. Allow yourself full freedom to decide and implement.

(Since Michelle works independently, she has all the space to express her creativity, and if she wants to succeed, she has to make all the decisions on her own, according to her personal judgment, and must not submit to dictates from any outside party).

In order to receive additional insights and guidance, the corresponding Hebrew letter "He" (ה) was chosen from the 22 Gifts cards (card no. 5).
To compliment the answer, I referred to the information written in the expanded knowledge of the cards.

I read what the letter “He” has to teach Michelle about the issue, and I record here what is most relevant to Michelle's question:
It provides additional food for thought:
The conclusion is, that in order to succeed, Michelle must be wary of rampant behavior (especially toward competitors or people employed by her) and it is very important that she cultivate good communication with the environment.
She should be spontaneous and not try to bend situations in her favor. She should allow certain problems to be resolved by themselves and not to attack forcefully in order to find solutions.

In Addition -
Michelle should connect with the powerful attributes of the letter HE, and empower them within herself:
As written in the booklet:

The letter “He” will help you become renowned, charismatic and demonstrate a strong presence by emphasizing the feminine aspects of your personality: applying the wisdom, intelligence, gentleness, lightness and grace to inspire love and harmony.
“He” will strengthen you in the areas of fertility and reproduction, stimulate regeneration, creativity, prosperity and effortless success, and will help you become a vessel for receiving and transferring abundance.
This letter is useful for improving speech and communication, to pull out from difficult situations gracefully and repair injustices.

Comb Revealed22Gifts Eng Sm
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BoxOnCards Eng Sm

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