Love hurts ...
Mystical Kabbalistic symbols offer a remedy:

Love, romance, relationships and social connections are one of the main engines (apart from livelihood and health, of course) that drive our lives.
As a spiritual practitioner, Kabbalah student, and creator of self-guidance tools, I have encountered many stories of confusion, frustration and pain on issues related to love, finding a soul-mate, friendships, and human relations.

Heartache and crises in relationships happen to most of us at some point in life.
This is a major part of our learning and growth process in the physical world.

Practical Kabbalah offers many solutions on the subject of love, some of which I gathered for you from the 44 King Solomon seals and the “72 names of God”.
Here are a few seals from which you can prepare your personal amulet to help you overcome difficulties in your love life.
Seals 4Love Eng Sm
How to prepare your own personalized amulet:
- Download the chart to your computer, print it, and choose the seal that suits you best.
- Write down your name and mother's name on its back
- To "activate" the amulet, hold it between your hands and load it with your energies. Ask it to perform its purpose (with your detailed request) and finish with "Amen".
- It is recommended to roll the scrap of paper and wrap it in cling wrap, and keep in a purse or home (depending on the purpose of the amulet).

* Remember that amulets do not work against the free will of any person, and cannot be used to manipulate anyone.

The practical Kabbalah offers various talismans, virtues, spells and Kabbalah powders and potions that are intended to restore love, bind couples together and separate between unwanted love affairs.
Some of these magical practices work to a certain point, but their effects quickly dissipate for the simple reason that one must not deprive anםther person of his freedom of choice and bend his will.

The letter combinations from the “72 Names of God” that are included in the diagram are for the purpose of meditation and inscribing in the body and mind.
Their purposes appear at the bottom of the article.

** One of the seals shown here is included in a special set of pocket-size amulets in an elegant gift box -
"The 14 Blessings
which includes 14 Kabbalistic pocket-size amulets with King Solomon Seals for good luck and success in all aspects of life.
GiftSet Eng 114110SmOn the back of each amulet, there is a blank space where you can fill-in your name and mother’s (first) name in order to dedicate it to yourself.
For more information:

If you are seriously interested in the King Solomon seals and their magical powers, please take a look at the large poster that contains the 44 seals of Solomon and thier manings:
poster 44seals SampleThis large poster will make all the powerful symbols handy for you.
You are welcome to instant download an artistic poster that contains the 44 seals of Solomon and their interpretations, and print your own copy:
Or - you can purchase the artistic print (printed on quality lithograph paper):

Here are the meanings of the letter combinations mentioned above:

Shin.Aleph.He (ש.א.ה) - The ideal union – This name will help you enter the frequency of cosmic partnership, and to attract your “second half” – your soulmate, even if he or she is far away. ש.א.ה will help you find the perfect mate, will encourage the progress of relationships towards marriage, rise into true intimacy, new friendships, valuable human connections, and enrichment of existing ones. It will induce the development of imagination, spiritual growth, good business partnerships and mutual progress to the goal.

Nun.Nun.Aleph (נ.נ.א) - Unconditional love - helps in making friends, building social bridges, unity, cosmic soul mating, giving unconditionally, pure love, joy and fulfillment. נ.נ.א encourage sensitivity to others, compassion, empathy, and love within the family. It will help get rid of anger and disagreements, inspire gratitude, and sweeten a tough fate.

He.He.Ayin (ה.ה.ע) - Inspires unconditional love, and love for your fellow man (even those you have difficulties with). It enhances love in relationships, helps to create harmony with our peers, between humanity and nature, and thus achieving true joy and spiritual enrichment.  ה.ה.ע will encourage the progress of relationship towards marriage, acquire new friendships, and will dispel resentment and bitterness resulting from quarrel, dispute or hatred. It will protect against the temptations to go after your dark and evil sides. It reminds you that you cannot love others if you do not love yourselves first.

Caf.Vav.Kof (כ.ו.ק) - Purifying passions – This name encourages spiritual-sacred sexuality and purifies sexual desire and sexual energy. It works as aphrodisiac, raises sexual energy and compliance, helps you ascend to higher spiritual level through wholesome satisfying sexuality. It alleviates impotence, and encourages you to treat a lover with devotion by putting their needs before your needs. Good for recollecting the sparks that were lost due to selfish sexual activity.

Mem.Yod.He (מ.י.ה) - Unity of souls - Encourages unity among people, closeness in personal relationships, familial, political, and business connections. It will inspire abandonment of selfish and separated attitude, and help you treat others with dignity and respect, expressing tolerance to the other person’s views. This mutual reverence rewards you with personal enrichment.

To learn how to work with these letter combinations, you are welcome to watch these videos:

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