This reading is dedicated to you - singles who are seeking love:
Pick one heart and receive a personal message from the "Alphabet for Lovers" cards.

Think of a question you may have about your relationships, and select one heart from the board.
Write down the number of the heart you have chosen, go to the bottom of the post and find the answer.
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These are six heart cards were chosen from "Alphabet for Lovers", a set of cards that specializes in advice and prediction about relationships.
The cards are based on the knowledge of 22 Hebrew letters and the set contains 72 heart shaped cards and a detailed interpretation booklet.
The cards answer fundamental questions about romantic relationships and relationships in general (family / social / professional).
Every answer in the booklet also contains a personal analysis, analysis to situations in which there is still no relationship (singles) and advice for action.
The Alphabet for Lovers is distributed worldwide and serves as a secret weapon for hundreds of relationships advisors and personal trainers.

The subject of partnerships and human relations is a substantial area of our lives, that is always challenging our personal journey.
Our relationships are great laboratory for learning the most advanced and fatal spiritual lessons, this is one of the most emotive areas of life after birth and death.
A certain partner enters our lives for many causes, and plays a critical role by placing a mirror in front of us, that reflects us who we really are, and where we aspire to reach. This also applies to friendships, family relationships, social and business relationships.
If our relationship involves frustration and suffering, we must remember that our soul had summoned them to us to learn important lessons.
And yet - many questions always arise ...
You will find the answers for yourself through consultation with the Alphabet for Lovers.
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So what heart did you pick?

Here are the answers:

6 - You may develop a relationship with a person who behaves as if he genuinely loves you, but in fact, his intentions are of self-interest. He may suffer from possessiveness, stinginess and emotional suppression. This is a person you'll need to get to know well before you give him your heart.
You are afraid of being alone, and willing to do anything to get a loving and supportive partner, and enter a stable relationship – however, you should carefully examine the person standing before you, will he give you the warmth and emotion you need?

22 - A successful departure from a problematic relationship that has recently ended, gaining important insights and lessons from what you have experienced. Health and life force are renewed towards a better romantic relationship that will arrive at a proper timing. Substantial change in your life is expected, in residence, work, a fruitful relationship with higher awareness. This new one will develop in the direction of marriage and the establishment of a family. You have a one-time opportunity to correct what happened in the past and to move forward. Pay attention to dreams and messages you receive. Do not neglect your emotional life because of the addiction to career.

30 - It is necessary to take a break and be alone for a certain period of time, to carefully examine the subject of your relationships. Your emotions swing between a great need for closeness and sex, and a desire to be on your own and abstinence. After a period in which a number of relationships have become entangled, everything must be stopped and you should remove yourself from the scene for a while. In the future, there may be a spiritual and interesting connection with a very introverted person, who loves privacy, which will gradually be built into a meaningful closeness.

45 - The desire for change and diversity may create difficulties in long-term relationships. The fear of aging and not being able to fully experience life, pushes you to seek new fresh new relationships, and to destroy them in an endless cycle. You may have the feeling that every relationship frame fixates and exploits you, so you cannot transcend personally, and you are in a battlefield that exhausts you. You fall into dark depths, and your soul rises again every time anew. You have to peel off the system of emotional denial, discover what you are really looking for in a relationship, what is important and what is unnecessary, and do avoid in advance any relationships that will not work for you.

46 - Someone you have been attracted to or have been in touch with in the past, comes back into your life to complete a cycle, or to finally close a certain chapter of your life. If your destiny is to be together, then the circle will be closed and the relationship will continue from where it has been cut off. It could happen taht the appearance of a person from the past in your life will complete a missing piece in the complex puzzle of your soul, will complete a process, help you understand things that blocked you, and fill you with a sense of wholeness and satisfaction. In essence, you are built and able to maintain a good and wholesome relationship - therefore - you must recruit a lot of patience and faith and you will eventually find the match that will compliment you.

52 - Breaking out of a blocked situation: You will meet a messenger who brings you news about someone you want, or go on a trip / visit to a distant place to heal and improve a situation that caused you suffering and closed you in solitude. It is important to be in the here and now with full awareness - not to keep things in your stomach and express in words what hurts and needs correction.

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