Neshama = Soul = נשמה

What is hidden in the word "soul" (pronounced in Hebrew Neshama - נשמה) that defines our inner essence?

According to the Kabbalah, the Hebrew letters were created before the creation of the world. They are the building blocks of everything that exists.

Each of the Hebrew letters has a unique energetic frequency, and typical forces.

The qualities of each Hebrew letter can connect you to your inner powers, so you can cope with any challenging situation in life.

The Hebrew word "soul" – Neshama - נשמה - is a combination of four Hebrew letters, all of which together define what we are in essence - a spark of the divine.

Through our soul we can connect to supreme guidance and get deep insights about what we experience here, and our destiny in this world.

The Hebrew letters of the word Neshama = Nun (נ)-Shin (ש)-Mem (מ)-He (ה) convey powerful properties that help us to maintain our individuality in a dual world full of contradictions and conflicts.

When we hold these letters in our awareness, we can always remember who we really are, and what tremendous powers were infused inside us.

Here are some of the great powers represented by the word Neshama:
Eternity - warmth - enthusiasm - belonging - truth - creativity - giving - flow - intelligence - power of influence – unity – transferring abundance – renewal and harmony.

Neshama Set Sm
The letter Nun – נ :

The letter Nun (נ) refers to the word “eternity” and reminds you that you are an eternal being that can never be harmed. It gives you the ability to regenerate – rebirth after crises, and the power to release things from the past to make room for a better future.

The letter Nun (נ) will elevate you to the vibration of abundance, blessing and success.

Will help you develop interdisciplinary talent, a broad worldview, power, strong presence, and good intuitions. Nun will strengthen your faith, elevate you spiritually beyond the difficulties of material life, and ensure the arrival of the reward after difficult times.

Nun will contribute to stability, permanence, and continuity (eternity), and will help with long-term investments. Will strengthen loyalty, and teach you to restrain yourself to avoid falling.


The letter Shin – ש  :

Sun, Heat and Fire: The letter Shin is associated with the fire element: it will give you bursting creativity, ambition, warmth and enthusiasm, courage, joy and spontaneity, love of people, family and society.

Shin will give the courage to make changes in life and to realize your spiritual and material aspirations.

Shin is a letter of truth – it will help sobriety, discover the truth behind deception, give you penetrating observation, and a deep understanding of people, motives and actions.

Shin will teach you to put things in their right place after the smashing of illusions.


The Letter Mem – מ :

Flow – flexibility – creativity: Mem encourage creativity and renewal, help you flow with the course of life without resisting the circumstances, teach you to submit and devote yourself to the Supreme Power that is acting in your favor in hidden ways.

Mem will teach you to release the ego, desires and expectations to achieve sublime goals, give you the strength to support others without causing yourself heartbreak, be patient even when things do not work out to your satisfaction immediately, and improve your ability to be flexible and adaptable.

Mem is the glue that unites people, it will help you develop maternal protective and nourishing emotion.


The letter He - ה :

The letter He will help you be charismatic and have a strong presence by emphasizing the feminine aspect of your personality:

To manifest your wisdom, insight, gentleness, lightness and grace in order to infuse love and harmony.

He - ה will strengthen you in the areas of fertility and birth, encourage renewal, creativity, prosperity and success without effort, and help you be a conduit for receiving and transmitting Divine abundance.

The letter He is useful for improving speech and communication, helps you become famous and influential in society, to emerge from difficult situations in an agreeable manner and correct an injustice done.

** The Twenty-Two Gifts cards are a valuable offering for anyone looking for empowerment and guidance at challenging times. By drawing intuitively a certain Hebrew letter from the deck,  you will learn what internal attributes (which already exist within you) will help you cope with any challenging situation in your life - what forces must be exerted so you can emerge victorious.

Focusing on the Hebrew letter you chose, and keeping it in your consciousness for a few days, will evoke the powers in you to overcome complex difficulties and situations.

Set Eng Sm
- In addition to the reinforcement and empowerment, the cards will provide you with a great deal of knowledge about yourself, provide you with points of thought about what may be blocking your success, questions you can ask yourself when you get a letter from the set, and hints about your current situation.

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