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The "52 Wonders of the Soul" cards are designed to help you connect to your higher self, listen to the inner voice of the soul, gain new spiritual insights about yourself, and give you an exciting experience of artistic inspiration.

The cards are based on Orit Martin's magnificent spiritual paintings.

"52 Wonders of the Soul" cards allow the soul to speak and give you an opportunity to reflect on your emotions and thoughts.

Each card is like a personal consultation session, which will leave you with deep insights.

The cards help to diagnose difficulties and challenges, and allow you to access your unconscious mind, to resolve internal conflicts in a gentle way.

Anyone (even without previous experience) can use these cards to develop emotional / spiritual intelligence and deal with hidden emotions.

Set Eng Sm

The collectors’ edition contains 52 cards, created from the spectacular paintings of artist Orit Martin and instructions booklet with explanations and insights for every card.

Each set of cards is hand signed by the artist.

The cards are available at:  https://www.kabbalahinsights.com/en/products/wonders-of-the-soul

Here are the messages:

40 - The Hidden Flower

This card indicates that you work very hard and invest a great deal of effort in your life in everything you do, but you don’t feel that you are getting the desired results.
The man in the image digs hard, but the earth seems scorched and is not producing any fruit.
He isn’t aware that something is growing, he cannot see or feel it, but surprisingly a magnificent flower is growing from the small plant that he planted and cultivated. The flower is blooming in the eternal world, beyond the man's range of vision.
His efforts have yielded eternal fruits in the spiritual world, fruits that can never be erased, that are recorded and engraved in Heaven.
Your actions and thoughts too, even those you think no one notices, are all engraved and inscribed in the book of your life, in the spiritual book of your soul.
Be encouraged not to stop or despair, because your work is very important and profound, and it is very possible that you will get to see its fruits in this world, in the real sense!

35 - Hope
This card invites you to observe where and why you have lost hope, and how you can revive it.
Hope is a cord that connects us to the Creator of the Universe, and this cord must be stretched and awakened, so that it can illuminate our path.
It may be necessary to explore the spiritual world in depth in order to draw comfort and hope from it.
Finding the meaning of life is related to the theme of hope.
The meaning that hope gives us is in the knowledge that this world is a wonderful school that teaches us lessons for advancement of the soul.
The awareness that every one of our actions has value, that no action and thought are lost, but are recorded in our favor in the eternal world is the knowledge that gives us hope.
Connecting with the Creator, secluding ourselves with Him and having personal conversation with Him, gives us hope.
Finding joy that does not depend on anything external, joy in your very existence, grants hope.
Where is your hope?
What is your next step to finding it?

1 - Journey
All our lives we strive for perfection. Within us, there is an image of how perfection should look, and whenever reality does not match the image we have created, pain is generated.
The message of the card is: Perhaps it is impossible to attain perfection in this world, but every effort you make, every overcoming, and every pain, bear seeds that eventually will grow into a fruitful tree – the perfection of your life story. This perfection consists of many small and imperfect parts.
In the midst of endless deliberation and exhausting striving in my life journey, I am asked to look at my life from high up above: Is the goal clear to me?
Do I feel that in the end I will reach the safe haven that my soul yearns for?
Is the journey illuminated for me?
How much control do I have in choosing my path?
Close your eyes and see the path of your journey through the eyes of the Spirit, in the way which is most unique and wonderful to you.

33 - The Dream of Redemption
This card indicates that in order to build a new temple, it is necessary to destroy wrong and erroneous elements in our lives.
A deep and profound change is necessary, descending from the spiritual level to the emotional and the physical levels.
This change revolves around your ideas and perceptions about a particular subject you are currently engaged in, a subject that troubles and hinders you, which you no longer need, but cannot change.
First, you must deeply understand that the old behaviors, habits or patterns no longer serve you, and you must find out how you can stop them.
At the same time, you have to visualize or build the new place you aspire for, even if it’s not there yet. This can also be done through therapy, or even in a heart-to-heart conversation with a friend.
The most important thing is to build that place that seems so distant to you.
This should be done concurrently with the dismantling of old concepts. As long as the old perceptions which no longer serve you constructively live, breathe, exist and guide you, you will not succeed in building the new.
You do not need to complete the breakdown in order to build the new, but during the disintegration of the old you can still build what you want. It is a deep work of your consciousness.

52 - Transcendence
This world is a world of matter, reality, and tikkun, a world in which we conduct ourselves with our bodies. Our bodies allow our souls to function. We express a broad range of our emotions through our bodies, from our sublime aspirations all the way to our destructive desires.
This card invites you to check which point in your life requires transcendence.
Transcendence means being able to see where you are harming yourself.
Where do you give disproportionate importance to matter - be it food, money, relationships, sports or anything else of this world? Exaggeration in any area becomes destructive.
Similarly, excessive and unbalanced spiritual practices may also express an escape from dealing with real life.
An important principle in Judaism is to elevate the material life to the level of sacredness while dealing with the material world and not by escaping from it.
The commandments of the Torah allow us to reach this precise balance.
Therefore, you now need to recruit tremendous powers to transcend those cravings associated with the soul-functioning unit we call the body. This can only be done if you have the courage to rise above the suffering caused by the limitation of this world, if you know that this suffering is only temporary, and if you understand that this transcendence is bringing you to new and highly developed realms.
No one said it would be easy. On the contrary, this work is very difficult, and if you need help – ask for it. Do not hesitate or be shy. Set your boundary marks and race forward.
Transcendence lifts us on two wings: one of grace (love) and one of might (velour( - wings of love and of fear.


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