Do you also feel that the universe is not cooperating with you?

It must have happened to many of you when you wanted something very dearly, struggled, insisted, but could not get it in any way ...

What was the feeling following your "failure"?

Disappointment and frustration.

A belief that the universe simply does not cooperate with you, and that no one up there listens to your prayers.

On the other hand, there are cases where things come to you naturally and easily, without struggle or difficulty.

Things just fall into place at the right time.

What is the explanation for this paradox?

The answer is simple:

An inability to understand and acknowledge the inner desire of the soul, who knows what will best serve our learning and growth experience in this world.

In short, it is difficult for us to see clearly what is for our highest good.

What is the problem with an obsessive struggle over the things we think we deserve to achieve?

Most of us tend to believe the external voices, thoughts and conventions that surround us in the society in which we live, and the people who convince us that we must achieve certain things and fight them firmly.

(For example, belonging to a certain social status, success in a particular profession, making quick money, accumulating property, certain behavioral codes, educational approach, relationships, lifestyle, etc.).

Our ego perceives the ideas that come from outside as pure truth, and then implants a stubborn desire in our minds to achieve them and fight for them no matter what the price is.

The more we insist forcefully, the more the screens around us will thicken and thus - we will continue to suffer the frustration because our desires are not being achieved.

When we are guided by external voices and ignore the inner desire of the soul, we are enveloped in screens that hide the plan of Creation from us - what we are destined to accomplish in this life.

If so, what is the right way to achieve what we want?

The most accurate way for us to accept what we really need is through a connection to the inner will of our unique soul.

When our desire is fully aligned with our inner truth, and is for our highest good, it will be fulfilled effortlessly.

The Kabbalah teaches that the soul of man is "part of God above" - ​​the soul is the part of us that is connected to the will of Creation and knows what experiences we should go through to achieve spiritual elevation and growth.

Our true desire is one that comes from within, rather than what is dictated to us by the screens of the ego.

The task is not simple - sticking to what our ego dictates to us can become an obsession ... But when we manage to soften our stubbornness and listen to our inner voice, we can connect to the will of the Universe and obtain what we are meant to receive with love, respect and compassion for the people around us.

The letter combination Dalet-Mem-Bet (דמב) from the 72 Names of God will help us respect the works of the Creator.

If we inscribe it in the body and mind, we can get a broad view of cause and effect. It helps us reorganize our lives and apply the laws of the universe correctly.

Dalet Mem Bet Book Sm

Through my new Kabbalah book “72 Sessions with the Soul”, you will learn a lot more about the immense powers that were given to us to create a good and enlightened reality for ourselves, and to remove the barriers between us and the fulfillment of our desires.

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