What's wrong with a little juicy gossip?

We all love to gossip ...
Things that have been said or done by other people provide us with fascinating dramas to discuss, and the topics of conversation never end ...

So - what's the problem with a little nasty gossip?
How can a few critical words on the actions of other people harm us?
The Kabbalah explains this clearly:
The thoughts we think control the words that come out of our mouths, and the words affect the actions, therefore, we must be very conscious:
Evil gossip, slanders and negative words that we express, harsh and critical thoughts, activate the indicting powers in the world.
These forces shed back harmful negative energies to our world.

The more negative thoughts arise in people's minds, the more negative energy will grow around us and attract bad decrees and troubles.

The source of negative thoughts and harsh words originate in the human ego, and in the forces darkness in the world.

When there is an argument between us and our peers, or when we are in an internal conflict and judge ourselves severely, we are dominated by the ego and cannot carry any constructive results.

We should remember that through harsh and offensive words, nothing positive has ever been created in the world.
Every word that defames, lies, insults and judgment, come from those inferior levels of existence, the dark "external" forces that weaken us and our ability to cope.

Yod Yod Zayin Book SmNegative thoughts and words deluge all the dark aspects in ourselves and others, and may harm in a way that will be difficult to amend.
They carry destructive power that fails us, abolish human relations, and may even cause wars.

On the other hand, good thoughts and words, support and praise, that originate from love, compassion, acceptance (of self and the other), strengthen and empower us.
They inspire light in the world and weaken the forces of darkness.

What will help us to control and soften negative thoughts and words?
The letter combination Yod-Yod-Zayin (י.י.ז) from the 72 Names of God silences the forces that condemn and sweeten the decrees that fall upon us because of the use of negative words. Its wondrous vibration will help us to adhere to the light, the positive and the sublime, and let them be expressed through our thoughts, words and deeds.

Remember that inspiring leaders, teachers, parents or principals, who often use positive and empowering words, raise the spiritual frequency of the people they lead, and therefore their charisma is glowing and many people are attracted to their proximity.

What kind of words would you choose?

Through my new Kabbalah book “72 Sessions with the Soul”, you will learn in depth about the immense powers that were given to us to create a good and enlightened reality for ourselves, and to remove the barriers between us and the fulfillment of our desires.

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