Power - Honor – wealth - What Hebrew letter will help you reach them?

Did it ever happen to you, that you had wonderful ideas and aspirations, but did not have the power to realize them?
Do you operate from a state of weakness and insecurity and feel that you have lost control over your fate?
Do you also feel compelled to be in control?
If so, you are influenced by the negative aspects of the Hebrew letter Caf (כ).

The letters of the Hebrew alphabet are very powerful and contain immense wisdom.
According to the Kabbalistic Book of Creation (Sefer Yetzirah), they were formed before the creation of the world.
God had used them as the building blocks that formed everything that exists.

The Hebrew letters consist of the cosmic DNA, that contains every form of life, from nature elements, minerals, plants, living creatures all the way to the solar system, climate and human thoughts and emotions.
Each letter has unique energetic properties in the spiritual dimension, and these attributes shaped the various phenomena in both nature and in man.

Letters ChartThrough the letter Caf (כ), for example, the sun was created, and the third day of the week.
Caf is related to the fire element and belongs to the group of "double letters" in the Hebrew Alphabet.
The letter Caf connects between the spheres Chesed (grace) and Netzach (eternity) in the Tree of Life.
This letter expresses the dynamic, creative-reproductive-instinctual power, which is proactive and focused on results.

Because our world is a dual realm, every letter is expressed here through its positive -constructive qualities, and also through its negative aspects, those that cause deterioration and destruction.
If we focus on the positive potential of a particular Hebrew letter, we can achieve abundance and success in the field it controls.
If we focus on its negative aspects, we might get into situations that will drop us into pits and obstacles.

For example -
The letter Caf in its positive aspect, will drive you to action and realization of your abilities, and will help you to apply your wisdom in practice - in tangible terms.
And in its negative aspect – it will generate weakness (or lack of power) to realize your ambitions and ideas, or unwillingness to invest the effort required.

The title Power - Honor – wealth when translated to Hebrew, shows three words that start with the letter Caf and represent its powers:
Power (כוח) – Honor (כבוד) – Wealth (כסף).
(A status that many of us thrive to achieve...)

When we face a challenge in our lives, a certain letter from the Hebrew Alphabet can empower us and give us the necessary forces to cope.
However, if there is an obstacle in our lives which we have difficulty overcoming, we can understand through that same letter what is lacking or blocking us.
We can get insights into our erroneous behavior that stops us from solving the problem successfully.

Here are the empowering attributes of letter Caf, along with the absence they come to fulfill:
Caf attributes Eng Sm
So what do we do to recruit the power of the letter Caf to our advantage?

We can do it through meditation:
Visualize the letter כ shining in front of your third eye, a great light descends from Infinity and passes through it, illuminating you from the inside and wrapping you from the outside with a healing glow.
Ask the power of the letter כ to inspire you and give you the strength to meet the challenge you are facing.

For those who wish to express a prayer - this is the text:
May the Lord, our God and the God of our forefathers, fulfill my wish and accept my request from his treasure of unconditional giving.
May you bless and inspire abundant grace to all your people and among them me and my family, through the power of the letter Caf, so I, (your name and father’s name) can overcome ... (you can think of the challenge before you).
May the words of my mouth and the logic of my heart be heard by you, the Lord, my redeemer.

- This prayer can be applied to receive the power of any of the Hebrew letters.
- Notice that the prayer is formulated as a request to the whole, that not only will I shall enjoy the power of the letter, but the other people will be empowered by it as well.
Prayers for the greater good get more attention in the upper worlds.

All this essential knowledge is contained in a small and clever set of cards:
the Twenty-Two Gifts cards.
The cards are a true gift for anyone looking for empowerment and guidance at challenging times.
Set Eng Parchment SmEach one of the 22 cards in the set carries a Hebrew letter.
By drawing one card you will learn what mental powers (which already exist within you) you should activate to help you cope with a challenging issue in your life - what attributes must be recruited to emerge victorious.
Focusing on the Hebrew letter of your choice and holding it in your mind for a few days will inspire you to overcome complex difficulties and situations.

The cards also act as an accurate analytical tool:
In addition to the empowerment they provide, the cards will give you a lot of information about yourself, what blocks your success, points for thought, and ways to improve your attitude regarding the issue in question

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