When your hands are tied and you do not even know it ...

Even when everything in your life looks beautiful, smooth and good, there are cases in which you try to materialize certain plans, or realize a dream or a project that lies to your heart, but you cannot move anywhere.

Many of the limitations and barriers that bind us are invisible, and we are unaware of them.
Blockages in life can be the result of external influences, as well as those that arise from within, because of a restrictive thinking.
A significant part of the life patterns we have adapted to ourselves include a whole set of circumstances that we accept as absolute facts, necessities and “musts” that cannot be changed.
This is where most of the "transparent" bondages are hidden.

What are the common factors that restrict us?

Here are some examples:

- A close person who binds us with behaviors that press our guilt button: love and caring do exist, but our sense of commitment to him does not allow us to spread our wings

- Over dependence on the advice, direction and opinions of other people

- Addictions and negative habits that dictate our agenda

- Obstacles stemming from fear (especially fear of leaving our comfort zone) or fear of failure

- The need to invest all our energies in dealing with the problems of others, which does not allow us to do what we really aspire for

- Situations that weaken us and draw all our energies, until we have no mental/emotional resources to think about things that are beyond basic survival

- Negative desires and impulses that we have, which repeatedly shove us down to the same pit holes

- Words of criticism that we have hears in our childhood about our skills to succeed in life, the lack of confidence that teachers / parents / educators had in our abilities, false ideas that we have assimilated into our consciousness and have become a weakening belief system that we have about ourselves
- Economic constraints that require us to stay stuck in a job we do not like, or in relationships that are not good for us any more

- Even a spell that was upon us, God forbid, that binds us to a certain person and does not allow us to leave and take the direction we want.
- And the list goes on ...

Some of the restraints are self-evident and clear as the sun, but many of the limitations and barriers are transparent, so it is difficult for us to identify and overcome them.
However, the result is that we cannot make a significant leap in life just because our hands are tied.

The Solution?
Here is one of the King Solomon seals - its name –
The seventh pentacle of the sun.
Seal release bondage Eng Sm
Note the verse from chapter 116 in Psalms that is engraved on it:
“You have freed me from my chains.
I will sacrifice a thank offering to you
and call on the name of the LORD.”

And this is exactly what the signer is doing - opening the barriers and ties that limit us.

If you suspect that you are stuck in place because of a blockage or bondage, you can make a personal amulet with this seal and keep it at home, or keep it in your purse or wallet.
After a few days or weeks, you should feel relieved, and the path will open up to you.

Here is how to prepare your own personalized amulet with this seal:
* Download the image and print it
* On the back side of the image write your name and mother's name to dedicate the amulet to yourself.
* To activate the power of the amulet, hold it between your two hands and summon its powers to help you. Let its energies penetrate your energy field.
* Keep it at home in a safe place at home, or carry the amulet with you (in your wallet) wherever you go.

Good Luck!

The Seals of Solomon - or "King Solomon Seals" are powerful symbols related to King Solomon. 
According to the ancient traditions, these were the symbols engraved in his rings.

King Solomon seals are used in many Kabbalistic amulets and talismans. 
Each seal has a particular purpose and influences a certain aspect of your life.

A rare poster is offered to you, containing the 44 seals of Solomon and their purposes, all in one place.

This poster works as a "mega amulet" and when hung at home, the seals' magical energies will radiate all around and create miracles in your life.
poster 44seals Sample
The 44 Seals of Solomon and their purposes:

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