The purifying and destructive power of water:

One of the emergences of the Light of the Creator in the world is through water.
The lights of Grace that illuminate the world materialize here, in the realm of matter, and crystalize into water particles, and their spiritual energy is compressed into liquid matter.
Wherever there is water, there is potential for life.

Pure vital water carry within them sparks of the Divine Grace.
Water revive the world, and is essential for the body and spirit. Notice how high a percentage of water compose our bodies, animals, plants, and geological structures.
The human body is a container in which a lot of water flow, they serve as important Intermediary substance in the physiological activity, conduct the emotions, and even the thoughts.

It is very important to be aware of the quality of the water reservoir in our body:
it is influenced by our way of thinking, and when we engage in negative thoughts, this reservoir may become polluted.
How does this happen?
Each of our thoughts carries a certain energetic vibration. As we know, water has a memory for energetic frequencies. When we charge it with a certain energetic vibration, it is affected by it.
The molecules of the water change according to what is infused into them.
What happens when our thoughts are negative and impure?
The water flowing in our bodies get polluted like a murky swamp, and everything in it is affected.

According to the Kabbalah, when contaminated water flows through our bodies, the forces of evil and impurity in the world get in and cling to it in order to nourish themselves.
The accumulated contamination in our inner waters can be purified by utilizing the letter combination Vev-Mem-Bet (ומב)
from the 72 Names of God.
Vav Mem Bet Sm
When we inscribe the healing vibration of this name into the body and mind, it helps in purifying our “inner reservoir” and bringing it back to a state of “living water”, bearing the primal sparks of Divine light.
The purifying power of water is enormous.
They wash out the energetic and physiological waste that has accumulated in us and fill us with vital energy.
We should consume a lot of water to recover from an illness and rinse the internal organs.

Another way to purify oneself with water is by immersing in natural water sources that have not been polluted by humans.
In Judaism, we know the purifying mikveh, that part of its water come from deep underground water.
The custom of "Tashlich" on the Jewish New Year symbolizes the projection of sins and polluted energies into a natural water reservoir, because the power of the holy sparks in the primary waters can absorb and purify these energies.

At the same time, water also has great potential for destruction:
It attacks parts of earth with hurricanes, cyclones, tsunamis, floods, and other water related nature disasters that sow havoc.
However - we should not regard nature disasters as punishment from God, but perceive them as a need of nature to wash out energetic pollution that our earth was infected with.

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