Good money, Bad money, livelihood and economic abundance

It’s time to talk about money, livelihood and abundance:

Let's expand our perspective on the subject:

According to Judaism, for each person in, income is allocated in advance the upper worlds from the beginning of the year until the end of that year.

What makes our livelihood a blessing or, on the contrary, a heavy burden?

It is the recognition in the true source of income that generates "good" money or "bad" money for us, and determines how much we enjoy the abundance that comes to us.
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Psalms chapter 145 reads:
"The eyes of all look to you, and you give them their food at the proper time.
You open your hand and satisfy the desires of every living thing."

- That means, livelihood comes from the grace of the Creator, who is abundant and desires to profit us all.

When a person surrenders in good faith to the divine grace, and believes in the generosity of the Creator, the money that comes to him will always be "good money" - a livelihood that carries deep gratitude.

When we live with a belief in abundance and are confident that we will always have enough money for our sustenance, our livelihood will come with joy and trust in the Creator, even if the amount of money we earn every year is small.

On the other hand, when a person believes that only by the virtue of his own efforts has he earned his money, ignores the idea of ​​Divine grace, and claims that his economic achievements have come only through his hard work or talent and without Divine help, he may fall into difficulties and frustration.
He may be drawn into a frightened pursuit of money because he relies only on his own human powers, and become exhausted by constant fear of deprivation.

The income he derives through such an approach is considered "bad money" - his earnings are impure, and there is no blessing in his actions.

You probably know people who pay a dear price for making a living, even though they may earn a lot, because despite the money they earn, they are never content, always afraid that what they have earned will be taken away from them, or that next month will not bring enough funds.

There is a great importance to our approach to the issue of livelihood:
when we see ourselves connected to the wholeness of creation, and believe that Divine abundance is limitless and available to us, then – this very trust will help us become a vessel for the flow of wealth.
Samech Aleph Lamed SmWhat will help us attain blessed livelihood?
Meditation with the letter combination Samech-Aleph-Lamed (סאל) from the 72 Names of God and inscribing it in the body and mind, will help you attract abundance, material success and prosperity.

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