Relationship based on personal interests – good or bad?

You would surely not be surprised to hear that one of the motives for committing yourself into a binding relationship and staying in it - is the fear of being left alone.
However, the interesting fact is - even if it was the starting point of the relationship, good harmony and fruitful connection can still develop in it.

There is a collective (and sometimes misleading) belief in modern-day Western society that a good romantic connection (or friendship) requires an initial phase of falling in love (or in friendships - a significant initial affinity for the other person).
In traditional - religious communities, on the other hand, many generations have come to understand that love or intimate attraction are elements that are built up over time, as a result of perseverance in a stable and binding relationship. Matchmaking is less concerned about the subject of falling in love ...
In short - initial falling in love is not a necessity for reality.

If we look at our relationships soberly, we will learn that the ideal of "total love" is not what usually keeps us binded to a certain person.
Because we live in a material world, and must survive here to the best of our ability, and there are real constraints that dictate our lives, we must compromise, and learn to settle in relationships that do not reflect the ideal of pure love.
Our key to success in such relationships is a sober approach, and the ability to get the best out of the existing situation.
Heart 6 Art Sm
When we approach the subject from a Kabbalistic point of view, we can translate the dynamics of our relationships into the language of the Hebrew letters:

As Kabbalah teaches, the Hebrew letters created the world.
They control everything that exists in creation, both in nature and the human body and soul.

Each letter has a unique energetic vibration, unique characteristics, positive and negative aspects, and it affects a wide range of phenomenon of our lives on a personal and global level. Each letter is a whole world.

Letter Bet (ב) is related to the creation, and conveys many blessings.
Its appearance in the world is expressed through numerous aspects, including domesticity, security, and possession, rationality and maturity.
Bet is associated with the earth element, the physical world, and planet Saturn which represents heaviness, reduction, patience, and slow progress.
The letter Bet is a dual letter, filled with extreme contrasts.
It represents stable and home-based framework, and when one is influenced by the energy of Bet, he will sometimes have to deal with all the implications of a relationship that began with an existential need and a quest for stability.

In many instances, when the motive for institutionalizing a relationship is the fear of being left alone, without a supportive framework, a state of emotional dissatisfaction may develop in one of the partners.
The relationship gets alienated and cold, and what holds it all together for long periods is the fear of losing the protective framework and family and financial stability.

Many people remain in such relationships for long periods of time, and if we look at the situation with a non-judgmental eye, we can learn that a good and stable foundation, a neat and established home, can provide a person a springboard for meaningful personal development, if he so chooses.
The emotional deprivation can be fulfilled in many other ways.

Card # 6 from the "Alphabet for Lovers" cards is associated with the letter Bet and talks about a relationship that is dominated by interests.
Spousal intimacy can be neglected for the sake of a career and economic foundation.
card 6 on set Eng Sm
The fear of being left alone and starting it all from scratch is the motive that holds you inside.

The card advises investing in the relationship, developing a good partnership, curbing the ego and learning to forgive. It requires persistence and awareness, and sober recognition of the limitations and disadvantages of the relationship.

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