Giving without rekoning

When we talk about giving - let's first learn something about receiving.

What is the great importance of our ability to receive?
According to the Kabbalah, human beings are vessels for the lights of abundance flowing from above.
Without a receiving factor, there will be no vessel that will contain the Divine abundance in the world.

At the same time - as human beings, our capacity to contain is limited.
If we take from this abundance only to ourselves, to fulfill our egoistic needs, then, eventually, the vessel will be filled, overflowing, and the excess will be wasted.

Excessive offerings that are not passed on descend to the shells (Klipot) - to the forces of evil and impurity in the world, which are constantly searching for food sources to nourish themselves and grow.
When this happens, the abundance flow is restricted, and we are cut off its source.

When receiving is for the purpose of paying forward - we can fill our vessels abundantly, and also pass on to others, thereby becoming a channel for the spread of abundance, so that what is given to us, comes in complete perfection.

When it comes to transferring abundance, we are not talking only about material substances.
Giving is also expressed when we provide emotional, mental or spiritual support out of compassion and caring, devoting our time and attention to another person to make life easier for them. 
This way, we express emotional and spiritual generosity.
Giving strengthens our connection with family and friends, softens conflicts, turns enemies into lovers, and bridges between people.

Unconditional giving is done out of an open heart and a sincere desire to make a good impact on the world, even if we have not received anything in return, or even if the receiver(s) do not agree with us or act in accordance with our expectations.
Unconditional giving in a relationship gives our partner a feeling of being accepted and appreciated as they are, despite their limitations and shortcomings.

In most situations of disagreements and tensions, expression of spiritual generosity on our part, without reckoning, will be enough to calm the anger and restore closeness.

card 53 on set Eng Sm
Message for the week from the 72 Names Cards:
Card No. 53 refers to the letter combination Nun-Nun-Aleph (נ.נ.א) from the 72 Names of God.
The card recommends examining whether our relationships with other people are motivated by selfish interests, and emphasizes the importance of sensitivity and generosity in order to warm up our connections.

Meditation with the letter combination Nun-Nun-Aleph (נ.נ.א) and inscribing it in the body and mind, will inspire unconditional pure love and giving - help in acquiring friends, building social bridges, cosmic coupling, unity, joy and fulfillment.
Nun-Nun-Aleph will encourage compassion for others, sensitivity, empathy, love within the family, will help get rid of anger and disagreements, sweeten bad verdicts and fill you with gratitude.

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