What causes us to misjudge?

Imagine a situation in which you could see reality clearly, the past, the present, and the future ...
If you could only predict forthcoming developments, the outcome of your decisions…
Most of you would probably say "I wish ..."
In the dense material reality in which we live, the Light of the Creator is dim, the clear reality is blocked by screens of illusion and blurred vision that allow us only partial evidence of cause and effect.
forecasting the future is almost impossible.

Most of us suffer from poor judgment because of those veils that hide the pure, objective truth from us.
Our distance from the spiritual worlds in which our consciousness is wide and open, causes us to be partially blind.

How are these screens reflected in our every-day lives?
- They cause us to develop rigid and narrow-minded worldview that mislead us,
- Our expectations of how things are supposed to happen make us develop illusions,
- Other people confuse us and tell us inaccurate facts about the circumstances, or give us false advice that we follow,
- We base our decisions on a partial understanding of the conditions of the terrain, before we have thoroughly examined them,
- It is difficult for us to distinguish right from wrong, primary from minor, because of confusion and limited awareness,
- Emotional sediments from the past control our perception of reality, or our decision-making process,
- We have not developed a clear personal vision for ourselves to know which direction to go and how to act,
- We do not trust our intuitions and our inner voice,
- And many other internal and external factors that simply do not allow us to read the map.

What will help us "open" our vision for future results and improve our judgment?
The letter combination He-Resh-Yod (הרי) from the “72 Names of God” will help us remove the screens that hide the clear understanding of reality from us, the truth that is encoded in every situation.

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