There are places you simply shouldn't get into...
if you want to save your energies for growth, happiness, and personal fulfillment.

Listen to a story ...
A few weeks ago, a good friend called me out of distress and anxiety.
She told me that because she felt sick, she went to the emergency room, and they checked and found a cardiac problem in her.

I told her not to worry, that it was a medical problem that could be resolved, that there were excellent medications and doctors who could help her, and even if surgery is needed, she would survive it big time.

Her response was furious ...
"You don't understand my misfortune, my fear and worry, you don't show any sympathy, don't support me ... how can you not feel a little emotion towards me ... how can you be so emotionally detached? .."

I immediately recognized that she was expecting a different type of "support" ...
That I would tell you, oh my, it's awful, how miserable you are, what a trouble fell upon you, especially you, after all you've been through for the past two years, and who knows where it will evolve and how much more misery you might experience ... (the predictable- automatic type of Condolence…)

So, this is what I explained to her:
My dear Michelle, there are places that I just I wouldn't get into, and I really wish you didn't as well ...
These places are: fear, anxiety, worry, disbelief, sense of victimhood, anger and despair.

And why?
Because there are "dangerous zones" in the world that, if you enter them, things can only get worse.
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The Kabbalah teaches that in our dual world, two parallel systems of worlds and Sephirot were created.
The worlds of holiness, and the worlds of impurity.

In the worlds of sanctity, exist all goodness, love, light, hope and happiness,
And in the worlds of impurity – the opposite energies exist: evil, hatred, darkness, despair, and misery.

The worlds of impurity, are defined by the Kabbalah as "the other side" - or the "Sitra Achra".
They are characterized as an energetic zone, which exists in parallel with the worlds of Holiness.
The “other side” cannot be eliminated or destroyed because it is necessary for the realization of the thought of Creation – the grand cosmic plan.
(And that I will not elaborate on at the moment, as this is a whole course in Kabbalah ...)

And what inhibits the worlds of impurity?
Forces that are starving for energy and light.
Because the forces of impurity feed on a thin line of light that is provided to them for basic existence only, they will always do their best to suck and rob every bit of energy from anything that comes near them, to mug every drop of light to themselves.
They cling to people who live in low consciousness, in darkness, the pessimists who give in to negativity and everything that is evil and scary in life ...

In the worlds of impurity, which is a spiritual zone where darkness exists, there is the strongest desire to draw lights.
If we fall into the hands of these forces, they will drain us from our life energy, and then we will become weakened and vulnerable to calamity.
That's exactly what happens when we don't pay attention, and sink into despair and fear.
The forces of darkness are holding onto us and draining us of all energy.
Then misfortune begins to fall on us.
What we are most afraid of is realized in our lives. Despair is intensified.

Don't get me wrong ... My goal is not to scare you from dark forces trying to attack you ...
But just as you are careful enough not to get into a quicksand that can suck you in, so you should be aware of what happens to you as you enter the dangerous zone in your thoughts and emotions.

There are places you simply shouldn't get into if you want to save your energies for growth, happiness, and personal fulfillment.

This is what I explained to my friend Michelle, and I know she understood.
She no longer dwells on the anxieties and misery. She seems to feel much better.

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