Here is an instructive lesson from the Hebrew letters through the word "Corona" (קורונה in Hebrew):

 Each Hebrew letter has empowering features that can help us in times of crisis.
Through the Hebrew letters we can learn what mental, emotional and spiritual resources we must mobilize to face the challenge that lies ahead.

Let's learn about the word "Corona":

Corina Eng Sm
(The Hebrew word is read from right to left).

☀️ The letter Kof (ק)
Kof enables you to rise to spirituality and touch sacredness when you soaked in the swamp of matter, difficulties, trouble, defeats, superficiality and deceptiveness.
It will give you a strong connection with your soul, to your sublime aspects, and help you control your passions.
Contributes to creating closeness among people through good communication, laughter, play and humor, and allows your personal charm and acting skills to shine through.
Kof will improve your channeling skills and super-natural capabilities and give you healthy instincts and good intuition. It will improve the connection between the external and internal, and balance extreme mood fluctuations.

*** The letter Kof is related to the Hebrew month of Adar – the sign of Pisces: The month when the epidemic intensified and spread all over the world.

☀️ The letter Vav (ו) – Here is the first part of its empowering qualities:
The letter Vav will help you emphasize the masculine aspects of your personality, develop adaptability, achieve perfection and self-containment. It will strengthen your skill to bridge between adversaries, to make peace, bring together and consolidate between opposites and to find the middle ground mainly on the physical-material plane.

☀️ The letter Resh (ר)
Resh encourages initiative, vigor and quick movement, forging ahead, embarking out of limited circumstances and opening new channels, implementation of theoretical ideas in practicality, intensification, expansion, and spontaneity.
Resh helps your inner light shine outwards, so you can become the premiere, the leader, and occupy a key position. It helps to formulate decisions and act upon them, to open your mind, expand your horizons and develop a sense of orientation.
Resh increases your willpower and creativity, the ability to publicize, make public relations, engage in propaganda and influence public opinion.

☀️ The letter Vav (ו) –
Here is the second part of its empowering qualities:
Vav encourage you to establish good links with yourself and others, teach you how to tell the truth even if it is unpleasant, develop good judgment, become a stable and responsible element for supporting others without grabbing the center of attention.

☀️ The letter Nun(נ)
The letter Nun shall elevate you to the vibration of abundance, blessings and success. It will help you develop a multi-disciplinary talent, a broad world view, powerful, strong presence and good intuitions.
Nun strengthen the faith, ascends you to a spiritual level to transcend the difficulties of material life, and will bring you the rewards you deserve after difficult times.
Nun contributes to stability, permanence and continuity, and assist the fulfillment of long-term investments.
It will enhance loyalty, and teach you to restrain yourself to avoid falls. With its help, you will experience rebirth and recovery after crisis, and find the strength to release old issues from the past to make way for a better future.

*** The letter Nun is associated with the Hebrew month of Cheshvan (the sign of Scorpio) – This is the time when we will begin to see a recovery in the economic and geopolitical areas.

☀️ The letter Hey (ה)
“Hey” will help you become renowned, charismatic and demonstrate a strong presence by emphasizing the feminine aspects of your personality: applying the wisdom, intelligence, gentleness, lightness and grace to inspire love and harmony. “Hey” will strengthen you in the areas of fertility and reproduction, stimulate regeneration, creativity, prosperity and effortless success, and will help you become a vessel for receiving and transferring abundance.
This letter is useful for improving speech and communication, to pull out from difficult situations gracefully and repair injustices.

*** The letter Hey (ה) is related to the Hebrew month of Nisan – (the sign of Aries) – right now.
It indicates the direction you should take personally right now, to go through this period safely.

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