What does the Big BANG have to do with you?

Here is the old story...
Before this world was created, the way we know it today, there were previous attempts by the Creator to create worlds:
The Midrash says that before the creation of this world, “the Creator was building worlds and destroying them”.
This happened in the spiritual dimensions, in a place called “the world of chaos” – Olam Hatohu.

The tools of creation that existed there, were the ten sephirot that were arranged in a straight line, not in the structure we know today.
In order to create the world, God had to shed all his immense light into this set of vessels.
The ten Sephirot were in disarray and received the first blow of light in a powerful stroke that they could not contain.
The various elements of creation clashed between them.
They just broke down, shattered into countless sparks.

Try to imagine what happens when you try to light a small bulb with a current of 100,000 volts? . . .
Big Bang
According to the Lurianic Kabbalah (Kabbalah of the Ari), the shattering of the vessels is described as a cosmic calamity that preceded the creation of the world.
There was a big bang, a huge explosion from which flares and sparks flew to all directions.

The breaking point occurred in Sephirat Daat, below Sephirat Binah.
According to the Ari, only the first three Sephirot – Keter, Chochma and Binah - could contain the profusion of divine light.
All the other Sephirot below them were shattered.
The great light of the Creator was scattered to numerous of sparks.

And what happened to all the sparks that shattered around??
Some of the sparks returned to their source (as reflecting lights), and some dispersed, and were captured in the shells (Klipot).

The seven lower spheres that were destroyed created the shells.
What are the shells? (Klipot)
This part of Creation is a dimension where the compression of energy is highest.
These are the densest layers of matter that contain all the evil and impurity in the world.
The Kabbalah teaches that in the World of shells, there is the most powerful desire to receive, it is a spiritual zone that swallows everything that comes close to it - like a black hole.

The shells that were formed when the vessels shattered, still contain holy sparks from the initial Divine light, but they are captured and hidden - locked in compressed matter.

The ancient calamity and imprisoning of divine sparks within the "shells" requires rectification –
the sparks must be released from the shells so the shells will lose their power.
And why?
As long as the holy sparks are imprisoned within the shells, they nourish and empower them, and this way - evil and impurity take a hold in the world.

Banner Tikkun Olam SmWhat does it have to do with us?
It may seem strange to you, but our personal conduct in the world can contribute in correcting this calamity.
We can actually sort out and release sparks of the initial light that were trapped in the realm of darkness.

And what is our role in this tikkun?
To sort out and release sparks that were captured in the shells, and raise them back to their source.
We carry out this task as we work on our soul rectification.

When the process of clarification is complete, and all the holly sparks are restored, rectification will be completed, and then salvation will come to the world.

What can help us in this important mission?
Mankind was blessed with powerful spiritual tools that can help each person undergo their spiritual rectification process.
These are the “72 Names of God” – Divine channels to the spiritual treasures of the upper worlds.
It is abundance that is constantly flowing, and stems from the Creator Himself, whose whole purpose is to benefit its creatures.

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