If you knew that eventually, everything would be good - how would you feel right now?

We are in the eye of the storm, in a swirling and shaking vortex that currently affects all of humanity.
The collective energy that lies within and around us is harsh, and most of us are influenced by it - yes – even the most spiritual, balanced and enlightened people ...
It's hard not to be contaminated with emotions like fear, anxiety, uncertainty, anger at what's happening around us, on the health, political, social and economic levels.

One of the things that most encourages and reassures me during this time, (and in fact, at any other time,) is to consult with the 72 Names of God, and get a perspective on the situation.
The 72 Names of God are powerful spiritual forces that connect us to the upper worlds.
They help us open our channels of abundance, and cultivate our vessels to absorb Divine light.

The two letter combinations that came out this time are Aleph-Caf-Aleph (א.כ.א) and Resh-Aleph-Hey (ר.א.ה).
Let's understand what they tell us:

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Aleph-Caf-Aleph (א.כ.א) - Appears when we are in crisis, when everything seems lost, chaotic, when we fall into despair, lose our sense of purpose, feel heaviness and a lack of motivation to do anything.
The sacred name א.כ.א helps us to connect with our inner power, the soul, which is connected to the spiritual worlds, and from its other end - to the body, mind and spirit. When we connect to the power of our soul, we grow stronger and gain new momentum, able to bring about change and renewal, remove the fears that paralyze us, restore order in our lives, and regain our sense of purpose.

Resh-Aleph-Hey (ר.א.ה) - Helps us in situations where we lose our internal compass following a crisis (exactly what is happening now). When we are distanced from what is familiar and permanent, feeling lost and confused.
When our whole being is shaken, we move away from ourselves. It seems as if we have been thrown out of our spiritual home, into a strange place, where we do not know ourselves as we were, so it is difficult for us to connect with our "higher self" and receive guidance.
At these times, it is recommended to connect with our spirit guides (and each one of us has at least two of them since birth), and receive the guidance and direction we need.
Many people are unaware of the existence of their spirit guide and therefore, do not connect with the guidance they can offer, especially in times of crisis.
When man transcends spiritually, the connection with the guardian angels becomes easier and more immediate.
Therefore, during this time, we should take a moment of silence, and pay attention to the inner voices that guide us - these are the messengers of Creation who perform their work in our lives.
The guidance will help us to see the big picture, to reorganize our lives, to comfort, to strengthen our endurance, and to renew our confidence in the precise action of the thought of Creation.

And one more thing -
It is very important not to resist what is happening right now. Flow with the circumstances, hold your head above the water, and trust that in the end, the black hole we walk through will lead us to a much more enlightened reality.
It is OK to shout, to be pissed off, to protest, to demonstrate, to fear, to allow the hard feelings that we have accumulated inside along our lives and in past incarnations to break out and to be released and cleansed. It's about time...
But always to keep in mind: after all this shaking, we shall find ourselves in a much better reality
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