Intense changes, sobriety, unity and belonging -
the tidings that the Hebrew letter Shin (
ש) brings us for the present period

Most of us are confused now ...
We have finally come out of our comfort zone;
we are in an intermediate period of change and transformation of the old into the new.

Most of us feel instability, uncertainty, and there is an inner sense that something is about to change here in a big way, after the inner and outer chaos we are currently experiencing.

I asked the Hebrew letters to give me a hint, to reflect in the most accurate way what we are going through now, and the letter that really jumped forward and demanded my attention is the Hebrew letter Shin (ש).
Shin = Shinuy (Hebrew) = Change - a letter that represents the burning cosmic fire, rapid expansion, breaking old habits and setting new goals.
This is the fire that causes us restlessness, impulsive behavior and impatience.
And eventually, the energy of Shin leads us to a state of balance.
Shin Eng Sm
And as you know - every Hebrew letter is a world in its entirety.

The letter Shin can explain more phenomena that are happening to us in the present period:
The strong light of the cosmic fire that is burning right now, makes us sober and clear.
(If you have not yet sobered up from illusions and lies - wait, and this too will come in the coming months…)
Right now - all the Pandora's boxes are opening, and everything is exposed.
Things from the past that have been kept secret open up, and new facts are revealed and bring us to the realization that so far, we have lived in illusion.
What will eventually be revealed, will be important to our growth, and not done out of punishment or revenge on behalf of the Universe.
Simply - it's time to remove the veil of illusion, and get to the truth, and it's happening at a very intense pace right now.
Time is pressing ... redemption is imminent.
The full disillusionment will come soon, and new facts will be revealed in a strong light.

Another aspect of the letter Shin (ש) is involvement with the environment, a sense of belonging, the search for perfection and peace.
No more a sense of separation and isolation, but a start of an era of belonging to a supportive human framework in which close and informal relationships are conducted, spontaneity, and moving away from unnecessary conflicts, quarrels and shocks.
In the weeks we have experienced quarantine and social distance, we have discovered that isolation is not really healthy for us, and many of us have a desire to reunite, gather (heaven forbid ...) and celebrate life with our loved ones.
This is the direction that the letter Shin leads us to, when we come out of the dark tunnel into daylight.

What are the mental powers that the letter Shin gives us in this challenging time?
Shin symbolizes establishing a stable material life, and from there - ascending to the highest spiritual levels.
It will give you erupting creativity, ambition, warmth and enthusiasm, courage, joy of life and spontaneity, the love of humanity, a sense of belonging to family and society, and the tools to experience life to the fullest.
Shin will give the courage to make changes in life (even if they are difficult), and to fulfill your spiritual and material aspirations.
Shin is a letter of truth - it will help sobering up, discovering the truth behind lies, penetrating observation, and a deep understanding of people, motives and moves.
Shin will teach you to put things in place after shattering of illusions.

The letter Shin represents the summer season, the heat and the scorching sun.
This is the time ...
The intense changes currently being forced upon us require us to recalculate our route.

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