Enthusiasm and motivation in any situation?
A teaching with King Solomon seals

Among the King Solomon seals there is a magical one:
Seal # 8 - the first pentacle of Mars
The purpose of the seal is to enhance courage, enthusiasm, ambition and passion for your occupation to succeed in your chosen path.

Will the seal work for you even if you are not satisfied with what you do in life?
If you do not live who you are, and you act out of constraints - will your enthusiasm miraculously arouse and your ambition ignite when you activate the seal?
The chances of that are slim ...
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And here is the explanation:
Each of the 44 seals known to us today, has a specific purpose, and special powers.
The function of the seals can be interpreted on two levels -
At the physical, practical, day-to-day level, they change the physical reality for our benefit,
And on the spiritual level: every seal is capable of creating internal changes in our energy field and transforming our consciousness.
The seals are functional, and they will fulfill their purpose in any way you choose.
However – when we implement the seals with pure intention to grow spiritually, their effect on our lives is profound and long lasting.

How does Seal No. 8 work?
The Kabbalah teaches that it is very important that we act in the world in the way of truth - that is – we should go in the direction we are meant to go, as the Creator intended for us.
When we act out of lack of choice, and impose on ourselves a life-style or profession that is not aligned with the root of our soul, we are actually living a lie.
If we are unable to feel the enthusiasm and joy, we have probably gone forced in a direction that does not suit us spiritually.

When we are connected with the will of creation and allow the Creator to lead us, our life experiences will pass more quickly and easily, and everything will fall into place effortlessly.
Therefore - we are committed to discovering what path the Creator had intended for us, and to flow with it, because opposition on our part may bring us down.

Seal #8 helps us this way:
It shows us the truth behind our mask of life.
Which path did we choose out of lack of choice, and what we are really expected to fulfill here.

It increases our enthusiasm, emotion and ambition for everything that exists in our lives, in relationships and at work, because without excitement and admiration for what we do, we will not be able to breathe life into anything.

And at the same time - if we are indeed on the right path destined for us from Heaven, but still - we fade due to fatigue, self-doubt, or the habit of self-failure, the seal will help to regain ambition and enthusiasm.
It will show us where we stand in our lives and whether our direction is in sync with the root of the soul.

Therefore - when we activate the seal it is desirable to let go of the desire that comes from the ego (what we think we need to fulfill in this life), not to argue, and to adapt ourselves to the system of higher powers.

The names of 4 angels appear on the seal:
Maadamiel (מאדמיאל) Ashiel (אשיאל) and Etoriel (אתאוריאל) - originate from the line of grace (the right line) of the Tree of Life.
Bartzahiayah (ברצחיה) comes from the middle line - the line of mercy.
These four angels are root angels – that means – they are of high authority level.
This seal does not transmit any frequency of decree, (that originate in the left side of the tree of life).
The seal is charged with the powers of grace and mercy, which are meant to help us ascend and guide us in our way in an easy and flowing way.

It is important to learn how to activate The of King Solomon seals properly so that they affect our energy field.
In order to assimilate their power within us we need to resonate at a high spiritual frequency.
For this purpose, there is a proven method by which you can activate the seal and ground its frequency in your consciousness.

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