Is there a spiritual force capable of bringing down rains?
And what is the spiritual meaning of drought (or hunger or poverty)?

The Kabbalah teaches that the power in Creation that is responsible for the transfer of the grace of the Creator to the world and to humans is in the water.
Water is equated in Judaism to Grace.
Water carries with it the sacred sparks of the Creator throughout the system of Creation and also in the human body.

When humanity experiences situations of war, drought, famine, scarcity, and the extinction of abundance on the global level, it indicates that the light of Grace is restricted.
The collective thought patterns of masses of people also have the potential to limit the flow of divine abundance to human society, and to the whole world:
This is a lack of faith, and an inability to completely trust the Creator.

Lack of faith can be clearly noticed by the level of anxiety we experience around us in matters of economics and scarcity:
the current generation suffers from constant anxiety because it does not recognize the infinite power of Grace flowing into the world.

When a person believes with all his heart that there is someone who takes care of his livelihood, no matter what he does, fear ceases, and abundance fills the vessels.

To reach this attainment, we must ascend spiritually.
When our faith is total, the Creator shows us that everything in the world is done accurately, and in perfect order.
Seal 8 sample Eng SmHere is one of King Solomon's marvelous seals -
Seal No. 25 - The sixth seal of the moon
The seal carries the power of Grace in the water.
In its traditional interpretation, the seal is designed to help bring down rain, and protects against drought, hunger and poverty.

Notice the verse that appears on the seal:
"נבקעו כל מעיינות תהום רבה ויהי גשם על הארץ"
“All the springs of the great deep burst forth … And rain fell on the earth” (Genesis 7-11)

This verse is taken from the biblical story of the flood in the days of Noah.

As we learn, the function of King Solomon seals can be explained on the physical level, and on the spiritual level.
On the spiritual level - Seal No. 25 releases and opens blockages associated mainly with physical and spiritual abundance.
The seal breaks the reductions applied to the Divine light of Grace.

What can cut off and reduce the flow of abundance?
This happens especially when we conduct our lives in a way that is inconsistent with the thought of Creation.
Selfish, dishonest and unreliable behavior, taking to yourself at the expense of others, oppression and robbery, can create a blockage in the channels of abundance.
Even a lack of self-love, a feeling that you are unworthy, and negative beliefs about abundance and livelihood (like "money is a dirty thing ..."), can block the channels.

And yet - when a person behaves honestly, does not get involved in negativity, and still - suffers from scarcity and poverty, it indicates he may still have work ahead of him that he must complete:
He may not yet be ripe to absorb the divine abundance, and must undergo a process of change in consciousness in order for this channel to open.
It is possible that man's desire for fulfillment is not synchronized with the will of Heaven.
Therefore, he must release his desires and allow the supreme guidance to lead him along the way.
Changing the way of thinking transforms the vessels.

Proper flow in the channels of abundance can be embodied in human life in various ways, beyond material wealth: in spirituality, knowledge, love, educating children, and health.

Seal # 25 has a significant spiritual function:
It deals with breaking barriers, not necessarily with creating abundance.
It brings us to an understanding of the processes that led to poverty, and helps us to align with the will of Creation and allow the supreme guidance to lead us on our path.
When the blockages are removed, abundance can flow easily and freely into the vessels.

What to do with the seal?
It's not enough to copy and cut out the seal image and keep at home -
King Solomon's seals must be activated in the right way so that they affect our energy field.
In order to assimilate the energy of the seal within us, we need to resonate at a high spiritual frequency.
For this purpose, there is a proven method by which it is possible to activate the seal and ground its frequency in our consciousness.

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